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I might have hit peak capacity! And the week isn’t close to over yet. Sigh. I’m tired. But instead of rest, I took a surprise bus ride the other night. Somehow the universe is dropping little signals at just the right moments… right when I’m about to give up and head for the subway. I popped a little bubbly because doesn’t everyone do this on Thursday and Friday and Saturday… yes exhausted, and Sunday and Monday, and yes surprisingly again on Tuesday. And, well… shoot Thursday was an event as well. Never dull. When I’m home in New York, as pictured, things are equally lovely. I’m feeling quite fortunate. And rather pleased for the Tuesday reminder- of true love, mutual respect and the most beautiful friendship. 😚 As my week ‘home’ progressed, it only got stranger and more awesome. I met up, at my favourite Cafe Pleiades, with a boy I met on a plane several years ago. Before he met his wife, married, had three kids and moved to Arizona! Bizarre, but I must admit that I am rather impressed he even remembered me. Always fun to catch up with great people you’ve not seen in a hundred years. 😘 loving you up NYC.

I don’t know what I was thinking booking myself in Puerto Rico after a trip to Saint Barthélemy at a world-renowned property, with a select small group of colleagues. I guess that explains the funny looks each one of them gave me when they learned of my post-St Barths intentions. Heyyyyy, when I was eighteen years old… I remember the charm of Old San Juan fondly! But true to Liz-random-fashion, I bailed that plan last minute just by the mere suggestion from a friend.

“Well if it’s such a shit hole, why don’t you just come home?” 😳

Good idea at 1:00pm on a Monday afternoon! Why don’t I?! I had dinner the night before at the BLT Steak bar at the Ritz, trying not to overhear the random Floridian couple next to me bicker and struggle for some semblance of a peaceful life with one another. After having just left St Barths with a small group of extraordinarily fulfilled lovelies, (both personally and at work) it was just an interesting dynamic. I slept terribly with a long bad dream all night, one of those where you wake up random and go right back into it. For the whole night. It was a bullying dream of sorts. 😔

I woke up to shitty weather, a shitty hotel, an air conditioning unit that maybe did or did not work, 220 squats and a full busy work day. Messaging with my buddy, I realised staying and PAYING was just goofy! Time to turn this frown upside down. I called the airline by 1:30pm and the hotel just after who agreed upon my 4:00pm check out with no penalty to leave early. Like a bat out of the mythological hell, I packed everything up and home to Manhattan I went! I purchased duty free Puerto Rican sweets for my Upper East side Bistro friends, grabbed a grey goose roadie (okay so there’s one good thing about Puerto Rico), secured my upgrade and was suddenly so excited to be home!

Having properly wrapped work up for the night into a nice little bow I was excited to re-watch ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’ on the plane. The d-bag next to me in the window seat would not put his shade down. So I’m blinded in my right eye and practically deaf in my left ear. Being 40 rocks. 😆 It ended up being a hilarious flight, and a new flight attendant friend was made. Four hours later when I landed I had somehow collected a little plethora of random plans to meet friends and then head into my local for a nightcap. Hmmm. Nothing like a living each day to it’s fullest! I had this Jersey taxi driver who was either totally fucked up or just really really inept at NYC driving. We were going in circles just outside of Newark… on and off the freeway ausfahrts. Trying to get up to 76th was interesting. He drove 5 mph in the Lincoln Tunnel with no traffic. That should have been my first clue. He stopped in that bendy bit of Park Avenue like down at 40th that goes through Grand Central. Stopped. WTF! He was a mess and I had to go into deal-mode! As in, “are you okay to drive?” I aggravatingly made it home, dropped the luggage and darted off for a little neighbourhood fun. All the while receiving slightly inappropriate What’s App messages. Sigh… but so hilarious 😄

My week home thus far has been unexpectedly full-on but I wouldn’t trade this life for anything… next week I’m off again for so so long. I’ve got like 17 more random scenarios to live out, as I cross the globe. I am definitely not boasting, but overwhelmed 🌎🌍🌏 by my own brevity at times. Work, friends and even buses constantly remind me without even realising, how fabulous life is. x

I am loving Phase II of waifdom! 💋 Like Alabama Shakes say we’re ‘Always Alright’… what a great fucking song.


I’m drippy… not stroppy!

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Out with the old!!!

I’ve just left east 74th street. 😢 Well… it’s been a couple hours now, and I have to go back for movers tomorrow… but it’s my first night in on my ‘leap in the dark’. I truly believe this venture, albeit a bit scary, will deliver me a safe landing, ultimately. In my new temporary NYC base: my lucky pennies are out, my voodoo goddess has her far nicer Park Avenue view and Kauaian wood bed (with hand-selected silk lining), and the Thai elephant is facing the door.

It’s been a bit full on with the business, packing up my entire flat without much help (AJ- hush it!) and having just donated 70% of my closet… well, I actually am elated. It’s still a bit emotional though! That little flat, freezing cold- having survived the crazy upstairs slob prick brothers, the sex-crazed current tenant and the ‘boy who lives beneath me’… well it’s the end of an era! 😳

It’s been raining today and just 39 degrees in NYC. After packing up my three Tumi (with ample Tumi packing insert cubes for professional efficiency), as I walked outside to hail taxi with one box filled with those sacred OCD-Liz treasures… I looked inside the window of JG Melon and saw Tom, and I couldn’t hold back the tears. Yes- as I hailed taxi. Although who am I kidding… the tears have been desultory since December 19th… especially after an amazing catch-up on my last sleeping night at east 74th. I am so amazingly fortunate to have the type of incredible thoughtful friends that I do. I’ve been granted access to ‘The Palace’ in my neighbourhood, as a home base while I sort out my mind and grow my business even more. Wow. Grateful is a massive understatement… I’m overwhelmed! 😘

While sulking in a chair at The Palace, tearing up and feeling *overwhelmed* with the scariness versus excitement of where my ‘leap in the dark’ will lead me… the VP, of all people, rang me to check in. 😊 What a truly incredible year it’s been… we’ve got pool-day/fun-day planned soon and how is that!? I love it though. Thank you my dear VP friend… see you ‘half the world away’ soon enough. x

One of my several smug brit friends teasingly referred to me as stroppy the other day. And sure… maybe I have my share of stroppy-like quirks (for that smug brit a time or two, in particular) but right now I am more drippy than stroppy. I’ve been internally conflicted and took control of my life back… turned my anxious paralysation toward my future into a positive. Yet, now I’m a bit ‘drippy’. 😕

I know the choices I’ve made are articulate, calculated and my intuition is the supremest of the supreme! Deep down… this adventure will be un-fucking-believable. It really will be.

My phenomenal home base is all set, though out of respect I will limit my intrusions (a week here and there at a time) and my first month and a half of travel chaos has been officially scheduled and upgraded. Around the world- literally. 🌍 More fucking power to me!!! I believe it takes a grand amount of brevity to take the leap I’ve just taken but I have the expertise of AJ, full support of my lightening bus/soul mate, the incredible family and friends of’ers all over this fabulous planet to keep me grounded. I’m proud, I’m anxious and I’m so excited… but it’s nothing a xanax can’t fix. And on a night like tonight, alone in the Palace to find my own peace with all I’ve just accomplished, perhaps one and-a-half xanax and a glass of St. Estephe 🍷 will help get me through… getting through is the only way out!

I had the most amazing ‘last Sunday’ in the ‘hood. I touched nearly EVERYONE… and had the most amazing night with my beloved Armenian friends. Truly a proper celebration of the leap that lies ahead. Even the intriguing Army Stud stayed to indulge! 😃

Here’s to being 40! I have zero age issues but just think it is so fucking cool. Many people dream of or watch movies about the journey I’m about to embark on… but I am DOING it. And I did it all by myself… physically. 🔮 What’s meant to be, will be. x

My favourite inspirational excerpt still stands true, and oh how I love you Bob Dylan: “It wasn’t money or love I was looking for. I had a heightened sense of awareness, was set in my ways, impractical and a visionary to boot. My mind was strong like a trap and I didn’t need any guarantee of validity.” 💞

I truly cannot wait! Today is the first day of something delectable and fresh… and a bit of the unknown. x and a special ooo to my AJ, who deserves 3,000 o’s.

Farewell Angelina… ‘the sky’s changing colour’.


… in with the new!

I asked the love of my life, with warning but no real urgency, that if he were to pick just one song… for me, what would it be- in his beautiful mind.  He chose a song that was already on my short list of Bob songs.  That random selection was so overwhelmingly emotional AND spot on that I have difficulty expressing the extreme magnitude of it all.
“There’s only one step down from here, baby… It’s called the land of permanent bliss”.

This is the current (although it does change frequently) refrain of choice from one of my favourite Bob Dylan songs.  Because that IS where I am headed: permanent bliss. 😅  Ha, whatever that means.  It has definitely been an interesting intro to 2014.  I love, more than anything, that I somehow managed to rescue the control of my own life.  It had been a bit of a sinking ship since the 40th.  Focusing on the victorious reclamation of my very own crazy, I have decided to flip the world as I know it upside-down.  To be honest, I could not give a rat’s ass how my future actions ‘appear’ to others… at least on a personal level.  What the hell does ‘not giving a rat’s ass’ even mean anyway?  Do rats even have asses?  I suppose they do.  Where else do the pellet poops and disease come from?  Umm… sidetracked.

So, I’ve contrived all my strength, and am totally capitalizing on the relationships I have nurtured over the years.  I’ve always wanted to be a waif, ever since Natalie Portman described herself as one in the brilliant film: ‘Closer’.  A weird thing to want, perhaps… but when this girl makes her mind up, it’s kind of a done-deal.  People keep asking me, “what is a waif?”  Here’s the definition along with a bit of advice to watch more independent films: 1) a piece of property found (as washed up by the sea) but unclaimed; 2) stolen goods thrown away by a thief in flight; 3) something found without an owner and especially by chance.  And, oddly… I cannot wait, I am truly elated. 😁

I will leave my ‘starter’ NYC apartment on April 30th, 2014.  In my 40th year.  Just seven days after one of my most favourite anniversaries.  I think it is no shock that I’ve been keen on an upgrade.  I am tired of the dingy, smelly elevator that fits maybe 5 humans tops, and the inexplicable inconsistency of heat.  Especially through this polar vortex that seems as though it might never dissipate!  Seriously: what’s a sweetheart like you doing in a dump like this. 😍 
Don’t get me wrong, I ADORE my neighbourhood and will not end up much further than a 5 short-block, 3rd-to-5th Avenue radius.  My Red Bull guy, Duane Reade guy and Bistro Le Steak would be devastated otherwise!  Nor can I ever stray too far from ‘the palace’.  The one on 76th, not Madison and 51st.  Though I have enjoyed my time at the Palace on 51st. 😉  One of the most relieving and articulate things I have done on so many levels, is give up this cozy apartment.  I am a waif-in-waiting and may as well get that out of my system, before I turn 41 years old.  Having stayed put another year just sounded so depressing.  And really… how much longer could anyone tolerate my ‘freezing cold’ complaints?  Thinking like a legitimate businesswoman, I figured I ought to embrace the move and storage of my beautiful flat, by living out my Natalie Portman waif-dream for a few months.  No, you won’t find me pole-dancing at Scores in a light pink wig.  But a week (or so) at my AJ and Renea’s, then Kath’s, my momma’s, Kelly in SF, Bangkok, Le Toiny in St. Barth’s, Dubai, Denver, Lucerne for an NYC water-tower tattoo, London and Washington State to meet my doppelgänger of a grand-niece… well being a waif never sounded more fun!  Eat your heart out Natalie and Jude! 😉  I will have plenty of stopovers in my beloved upper east side palace between the drifting.  And a permanent return to the ‘hood like you’ve never seen before!  Come August, I will have touched (a.k.a. inconvenienced) several loves, traveled, and will select my new upper east side apartment intelligently.  I am still a bit ambivalent on a doorman though.  But I turned my confused bus-struck, freezing cold, 40-year old situation into a positive.  “You can be known as the most beautiful woman who ever crawled across cut glass to make a deal”.  Yes.  That, I can do.  It’s nearly impossible to describe the precipitations of 2013, though I absolutely loved 😅 every minute of it.  I am looking forward to my impending vagabond adventures and then even more so to the refined Manhattan accession this summer.  Meanwhile, “you can hear them tires squeal” (not that I drive, except when really ‘high’ at Taco Bell in Ventura) as I embark on what I believe to be the most viable utilization of age 40 there ever was.
I am feeling rather special, sipping on some randomly delivered Vueve Clicquot, a kind attempt to sedate the reality I put into motion with my love-bus just last night.  Fuck Gwenyth and her conscious uncoupling, it was ME who coined the phrase ‘cognitive heartbreak’ in December. 😳  The bigger picture of life, though mine seems a tad bit unconventional, is fascinating and fucking fabulous.  Never let me slip, cause if I slip then I’m slipping.  I am no Taurus, but I DO enjoy being somewhat in control of my future, whilst cognitively learning what makes a bus find peace, run smoothly, and how to support its journey. 😇 😏 👸 🔫 🍷
“And so it depends.”  Please go see Grand Budapest, immediately. It’s brilliant. 😍  It’s like a fucking fairy-tale.


Liz's 40th_002

Or in Iceland….. perhaps Dubai?  Wait… is that London calling?  Believe it or not, I was actually thankful for the snowy weekend in jammies that awaited me, on my own at last!  In my fantasy world I’d have been headed for Mexico this week (by bus- haha! get it?) But I am kind and carry far too much integrity to do so. 😇 vs 👸

After all is said and done… after all my anxiety and the juggling acts, I’d say the 40th was a massive success!  So many interesting facets contribute to that outcome.  It was a fucking fairy tale… even though there were no swans.  Lots of inanimate objects though. 😅  What an amazing vibe I created.  Or more like… what an amazing vibe Ashlee created.  I barked orders and provided comments for edit, but pretty much left Ashlee to figure it all out!  There was so much love in that room, yes we definitely had AMOUR… and my red balloons.  My aunties, uncle and momma make amazing decorators too. 😘  And they bought me diamonds!!!  It was an overwhelming week!  Not one drama.  Not one awkward exchange.  Not one scandal… aside from my niece’s alleged hijacking of l’il Eddie’s glasses.  Oh, and my graceful smack down to the ground in the middle of the private room at Chin Chin, hung over and practically still in my jammies.  I think AJ pushed those two chairs together to catch my foot on purpose!  I also think we needed the comedic relief.  Who knew I could do stunts!  So hilarious.

Everybody was so kind and there for me, it’s quite flattering 😅 I’m such a happy girl!  I feel like I always conjure up these hair-brain ideas and then have to enlist others for execution as my life is so chaotic!  It went too quick and so perfect but so fast.  Given the weeks I survived (barely) leading up to the event, it’s a bit of a shocker I even made it!  😉

My Dubai people arrived to my favourite Surrey Hotel just a few blocks from me.  It was Mrs Jetsetter’s birthday which she celebrated part-time in Milan, part-time in business class on a luxury airline, then part-time here in New York.  I had an unexpected visitor/soul mate join us which was overwhelming, sweet and even a bit shocking when he had to leave. 😢  But the show must go on!  The Aussies, American, Pom 😙 and Canadian… along with one of the crew from their earlier Milano flight, we were like rockstars.  Then… stumbling past the glamorous Stumble Inn on Second Avenue, we decided the best idea was to continue on at my flat where there was plenty of booze.  Until 6:27am.  Mrs Jetsetter’s birthday lasted right through to my mother’s birthday who would be arriving NYC later that evening.  First, I had Team One arriving for party assembly and logistics.  And champagne consumption.  But I had to hide in my room working as I heard the roars of laughter from my living room.  My California people flew all this way and I love you all so much!  We did manage to have a lovely dinner before birthday celebration número duex.  Then, before you know it party day was finally here and Team Two arrived with more champagne, JG burgers and spaz control. 😁  And the diamonds.

The party, and amazing after-party was such a perfect introduction into what I’ve been told will be my best decade yet.  It will be hard to outdo the last one.  So many amazing friends came so far, or even the closer ones who took time off work to be part… it was really fabulous.  I wished I’d had more time to spend but I was so busy being twirled by that  hot and spicy Canadian and my first boss Biff, while my nephews busted out the John Travolta moves… that it was a bit of a blur.  Until I woke up at 6:30am with two twenty-three year olds in my bed with popcorn and Ben & Jerry’s, and my nephew on the couch.  I love it.  x

Now… we have one last birthday to celebrate!  Today my company turned 5 years old!  Congratulations to me. 😉  Oh shoot… and the VP’s birthday is tomorrow.  Then no more birthdays for at least a couple weeks.  The Pisces love is flowing.  The biggest question now is how will Mrs Jetsetter and I celebrate Feb 20th-23rd next year!?  Hopefully we can get Kirk Russell involved. 😍

Thanks to everyone, it was so much fun.  Welcome to 40, feeling and looking like I’m STILL 29 😉 and back to daily exercise so I don’t make all my people crazy.  Well… there will always be a little crazy, who are we kidding?  Exercise, 19 hour work days, and maybe a little trip here or there.  x and ooo

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Just slip out the back, Jack

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Make a new plan, Stan. Don’t need to be coy, Roy. My good friend at JG Melon has ruined me by playing that song on the old juke box. I’m now a Paul Simon fan apparently. Nothing compares to my Bob Dylan… but this song pretty much brightens up my mood every time I hear it!

‘Hop on the bus, Gus. You don’t need to discuss much… you just drop off the key Lee, and get yourself free…’

Except for me, it’s more like: ‘One Way to Leave 50 Lovers’. Ha! 😄 just a slight exaggeration. Hilarity for effect. (not affect… I’m getting it down Janice!)

I’ve not traveled since new year but had an abrupt entry into my 2014. Scrambling… constantly. Things, like the snow, are randomly popping up on me and as heroic as I was last year (mental with travel) everything last minute….. I’ve got a few goals of my own to uphold for this go-round. That’s what I love about new year, it’s like you get to choose a fun new focus every January! Or get completely blind-sided and suck it up till it’s over. 😳 I got my newsletter out IN January, despite it’s tattered grammatics, PMS and typos. As is usually the case, I pushed the envelope a bit but got ‘er done.

Now I’m entering into a kind of bizarre mental state. As I begin to nail down the finer details of the birthday, I realise this upcoming event is all mine. Like the classic ‘Never Never Land’ Liz. Scary! It will definitely be a bit bizarre to have everyone, all at once, on my little upper east side block! Old friends and new, people from around the corner… or the globe. There are even a few contenders all secretly vying for top billing as ‘surprise guest’. It’s weird. I hope it snows!!! 😍 Honestly though, it’s going to go by so quickly. Hope all these goofy details make the difference, it’s going to be so fun! My childhood girlfriend (who’s never been to NYC) told her husband I’ve never met, “If she wants us all to march up 4 blocks, in the snow, carrying a life-size balloon martini… that’s just what you do. It’s Liz.” What a reputation I’ve collected! 😊

Then I guess I’ll just be 40? Brava! Although something tells me, call it my Pisces intuition… I don’t think it’ll make any difference! The random that somehow concentrates itself into a living matter, well… it follows me around like my very own little Pig Pen cloud. You know: Pig Pen from the Snoopy comics! 😆 My horoscope tells me: “you have reached the end of a cycle of which you will retain happy memories and the strength to start afresh.”

As my work load from far distances increases, so do my working hours. Last night, after a full-on day taking care of people in the Northeast, San Fran, UK, Abu Dhabi and New Zealand… I realised I did one hour cardio (at the gym due to massive snowfall!) and had not eaten a thing! Oops. Down to JG I go only to find an Indian surgeon ( just waiting for fresh bait to over-analyse. Jeez, the guy had more questions for me: dating, turning 40, where my head is, what attracts me and personal happiness than I could stand! Silly man… as if I have such answers!!? It’s called 2014 and seems like the theme thus far is to hang on tight as it’s going a bit fast for me, but definitely a thrilling ride! 😁 no bumps yet!

I am excited to be bringing so many randoms to my New York, to the upper east side! I’m aware of my integrity, my complicities and keen sensitivity to people, and I’m genuinely flattered so many are gathering to experience a Never Never Land-like Liz party. Sadly, there will be no Taco Bell run, McK’s or Doc Watson’s (touch wood!) but having all my beloved here will be truly sensational. It’s going to be one of those occasions that you just know is going to be hilarious, and a huge question mark as to where the night will lead. So many options in my v own NYC. One of the things I love most about this is the decadent honour that so many are traveling so far… they will get to spend a day in my ‘hood. Seriously, what more could one ask for? I just love the month of February: my birthday month!!!

And if all my gets to be a bit much… you just slip out the back, Jack. 😉


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My Global Entry Enrollment System US Customs and Border Patrol Trusted Traveler Program interview is today. What a mouthful. Definitely potential for a shit-show kind of day. As I prepare for regular business as normal, a shower and full blow dry, three trains (the 6 to the E? to the JFK AirTran) to Terminal 4, an interview with the TSA… I can’t help but get the sense that today is going to end up a heroic one. 😃

I was terribly sick for over a week after returning from California. The snot hacking dickwad that sat next to me on my 25 minute flight from Santa Barbara to LAX got me. I never even looked to my right in our roomy exit row seats… because you just knew “oh god this boy is contagious sick”. Anyway, he got me that day, January 5th. It’s been hilarious ever since… full with my positive push into the new year with party planning, client focus, and debauchery wearing a ‘work’ disguise: all with heartbreak and a massive head cold in tow. Yay!

Some will understand this, and some won’t get what I’m saying but it’s short enough to gloss over: so, I was hit by a bus that was being struck by lightening as it hit back on December 19th. I’ve now got arrangements made to have that same bus hit me purposely, I think on a weekly basis… all in an attempt to save the bus from imploding or some shit like that. It’s been a blast so far (no pun intended) and will surely deliver loads of neurotic episodes, from what the bus and I now refer to as: ‘textbook heartbreak’, cognitively 101. No wonder I run off to places like Cannes, San Fran and Milan every chance I get. Escapism at it finest. ☺️ I only get bus confirmations via text when I’m not in New York! 😅 so hilarious.

So onwards and upwards big day today! Clients have described their TSA interviews at having been 4 minutes long but I’m anticipating mine to be a bit longer. For two years my American clientele has been so keen on understanding what this Global Entry program is, how it works and really wanting some clarity on it all. Well… we’re dealing with America, our government, the FAA who has ‘leadership’ from Napolitano and then trickles into what is called our country’s national security with the mighty TSA. Clarity kind of doesn’t exist. But in the mood I’ve been in lately and for the sake of industry knowledge and bitchy curiosity, I intend to seek some today! The poor TSA guy who is assigned me hopefully is not 24 years old and fresh out of marine boot camp. He’d be eaten alive. 😠 I’m secretly hoping I’ll get a Sam Elliot-like type who can pass on some wisdom with a cup of coffee and wink of the eye. Maybe I should bring some Francois Payard macaroons from next door. Or more appropriately: a 90 cent ‘bread roll’ from the guy on the corner cart, just outside the subway at 77th and Lex. Wrapped in a greasy white paper pocket. Anyway, I digress. This is what dealing with bus-struck Liz is like these days! (I’m told the effects wear off after a while) 😔

Anyway, wish me luck. More to the point wish the TSA luck… and I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. Mine entails a trip to f’ing Liberty Island, drinks and dancing in the Louboutins, followed by what’s sounding a little bit like a date. How else would you take it if a cute guy from out of town is warning: ‘you better be ready for me’ ? 😉 Nah, it’s going to be a classic New York weekend that I love love love so much. 😘 It’s just what ordered. Even Liberty. Can’t wait! x

What was that I said earlier about the subway, as I sat in the backseat of a black car on the Van Wyck? 😊 I think it will go well. All men here at the TSA!


From my cozy in NYC to yours

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I love my cozy upper east side 70s

I love my cozy upper east side 70s

No unpacked suitcase on the living room floor.  No stacked up brochures, magazines and promotional items all over the place.  Gloria just came and the house is so clean!!!  In preparation for my friend’s arrival, I threw a bunch of shit out, yet somehow that damn EXPLORE book still sits on the coffee table!  I can envision it now: me with an ink pen, silently jotting down (WTF do people jot?) on the blank serene glossy page with quotes like ‘Blessed are the curious for they shall have adventures’.  Thanks Lovelle Drachman.  You too.  😉   It moves on to the wisdom of Zachary Scott, ‘as you grow older you’ll learn to find that the only things you regret are the things you didn’t do’.  Hmmm.  As I grow older there so many things I do already, in fact I wish I did less of, that maybe I regret now. 😉  Then we’ve got good old Ralph Waldo ‘don’t be too timid and squeamish about your actions….,’ clearly this book is not for me, and he’s a bit weird anyway. 😁  But I’ll be interested in hearing how it’s going for Tina, after her late-night Amazon purchase of EXPLORE from chez Liz a couple days ago. 😘  So funny… and for the record, I have no regrets!  I don’t think…

I’ve spent ‘christmas’ in my cozy NYC space and am so happy.

Coming home from the crazy of Cannes and the cosiest ever Rütihof trip, I was somehow expecting chill time… until I am meant to go get me some new year auntie pampering.  I don’t know why I thought this as my calendar was completely full.  Then Monday, the day after I got off the plane and had my chocolate fun with the upper east side family: I had nothing but client events, days and nights, all leading up to when Tina arrived!  Which was about one hour before I (figuratively) was hit by a bus that was being struck by lightening as it hit me. 😳  But there is no time to sweep off the leaves or to check the blood pressure in my world!  Drinks with a client in one hour and a shower was a must at that point!  😉

How do you like that melodramatic visual!!?  😄  At least I’m getting it out of my system by way of public written nonsense.  It’s better than new year eve in-person nonsense.  😘  Translation is that I had some unexpected news from a close friend that is neither good nor bad, with no time to process. I chose to internalize it and was doing the best I can the last couple weeks.

Rather than ponder how weird it was that a bus being struck by lightening could possibly hit ME, at random, I am back to exercise, cooking in with my swiss ingredients and bizarrely entertaining nights out with Moët on ice just for me, and meeting actual rock stars… who call the next day!  Just another day on the upper east side.  I actually got so mentally cleansed that I signed paperwork, wrote new contracts and am doing five new fabulous trips for people I thought had maybe moved on.  Giving my Four Seasons penthouse cohorts some really lucrative business!  And sending ‘folks’ (not my parents!) 😄 to my beloved Park Hyatt in Zürich.

Days like the last two, after the crazy piles on top of the crazy piles on freaking top of that, it makes me realize that the integrity I carry ultimately brings good back to me.  In so many intertwined ways that I honestly can’t even pinpoint. After chaos and reflection I always come out feeling proud of myself… in the ultimate sense.

All of these trips I do, this lifestyle that seems so extravagant… it does matter.  The money I spend and how I choose to embrace my life, for right now, is amazing and it does somehow all come together when envizage is suddenly ‘selling’ again, to clients that were just otherwise distracted.  And selling well, based on all the experiences and travel (and crazy that has ensued as a result) in 20-m’er f’er-13.

Oh yeah and just because it’s now funny to me at least: as I was being hit by the lightening bus on second avenue… the VP randomly text me about my birthday. What the hell.

Where’s that damn EXPLORE book.  Let’s close out with a good one, let’s embrace 2014 with a positive attitude and winning state of mind!

Henry Miller: ‘All growth is a leap in the dark, a spontaneous unpremeditated act without the benefit of experience.’

I quite like that actually.  But what the F am I supposed to write on that blank page in this book?  “I like you”?  “xoxo”?  “Awww that’s a good one Henry!” with a smiley face?  😆  Tina?

I’m so happy to be laughing, looking forward to jammies with my aunties… and planning for Milan with the most hilarious ‘band of gypsies’ to date.  Oh yes, please listen to Peter Shaw… he’s really quite talented.

Happy holidays!  xxx

Is it already Saturday?  I suppose working around the clock, literally, without break (except for champagne of course!) or fail causes its share of confusion.  Or do you think it’s the champagne that causes confusion?!  Gasp!!!  No, def not the champagne.  It’s the clients.  I’ll blame the clients.

What a full on few weeks it has been.  I think I hit mental capacity.  This libertine lifestyle is the most amazing thing to witness but it’s a bit tough being the creator, writer, marketer, editor, contracts, PR, admin and executor.  Hey why don’t we throw a bunch of travel, sites, industry shows, a wedding and potential NYC carriage horse protest in there for fun!?  I can’t help but think, too, about how many people, in all different capacities I’ve had to touch in such a short period of time. My life truly has turned ‘global’.  For me!!!  I realize to some of my bestest friends and savvy bankers this pace is all old hat, and I thrive on it too.  I am off fucking about in Dubai, rebranding my company, in Vegas ‘puttin’ on the ritz’, with Ashlee in NYC and am just now trying to chill myself down until the next wave of crazy surfaces… um, that would be next week.  Who do I think I am!?  Unlike the VP, I do not think I am Zeus, nor Poseidon!  At least I ran five miles today.  Sigh… I ran 4.92 miles okay, not a FULL five.  😉

I’m disappointed to have the first moment whatsoever to tune back into the world, after weeks, and turn on BBC filled with news of America on the verge of another attack.  I am very excited to be heading out of the US next week, and soak up the insight from a whole different part of the world while America jams its congress bullshit down the throat of the people who don’t have the luxury to know what an outside insight even is.  I digress.

A client call interrupts my train of thought.  Phew!  The tele goes off and music takes over.  Foster The People !!!

I feel reluctant to complain, as I am merely towing the fine line between being a whinger and a braggadocio.  When I started 2013 off, I simply had a conversation about a new logo, and booked myself a trip to China.  Honest!  But as the year goes by, every spare day on the calendar populates with more events, over and back and around all different time zones… waaahhhhh… this is hard!!!  Okay, so maybe I am a bit of a whiner.   😉  I will be home for three days from China, before my girl from Santa Barbara comes to stay.  Well Ashlee just left 🙂 but my high school girl will be in the UES.  And we know the name of that tune.  Lots of late, fun nights at JG Melon.  Beware of the ‘Mind Bender’.  The city will be alive and vibrant after Labor Day, all my clients will be back in full force and hopefully America will not be involved in a war with Syria.  I’m sure clients will be in the city that week, wanting to meet my little bundle of Virgo positivity for drinks.  I’m not clear on the details of exactly how I talked my way onto the next gig, but I think it was my trying to put some positivity of my own onto the previously pointless side-trip to Frankfurt in March.  The gig will be amazing, Rocco Forte and CEO dinner at the Museum where I had lunch… perfection.  Prior to that, I have China followed by a houseguest in NYC.  Straight from those events, without break I now have to pack for the following: London, Frankfurt, London, Santa Barbara for the gay wedding of the century, to Riviera Nayarit south of Cancun for a FULL on 4-day conference that I fought to get myself invited to.  When will I run and spin!?  I can’t breathe without it anymore.  Plus I’ve got just 15 days at home to explore the new flirt with the cute Tall Jew, before Ashlee is back!  We’re on another event, and then fly home together for a pop over in San Fran just for Kelly, then down south for Grandma’s 95th!  Mind you, I’ve still got to sort out my pitches with the rebrand, web, legal, social media, banking, etc.  It’s so full on.  This schedule rivals last year’s NYC event, Cannes, Amsterdam, London, Amsterdam, Berkeley for a wedding before getting back home.  That one was 15 or 16 days away and if you remember, ended with yet another duck-taped Tumi.  This next one is only 13 days and will be in phenom weather I am sure.  Touch wood!  🙂  If anyone can bolster my insecurity, it will be Tina.  But if our night out in Vegas a couple weeks ago is a prevision of any kind, I envizage us having quite the good time.  We must re-enact the infamous photo!

I can no longer imagine life without Ashlee, she worked her tail off for us in Vegas, New York, Santa Barbara, LA, you name it!  I gave her two days off next week.  :/  sniffle… sniffle.  My life is my crazy and has been for some time now.  But I often think (when I have time to actually think) back to what it was like to be introduced to my kind of crazy.  Oh my gosh: travel, time zones, parties, meetings, schmoozing, politics, image, social fucking media and oh, let’s not forget THE business!  The decision to hire Ashlee for London last December, was one of the best things I’ve ever done.  And even the bumpkin gets cred for planting the seed in my head to hire her permanently.  Or as permanently as I can  😦  sniffle… sniffle.  And WTF the bumpkin just text me: “no happy birthday.  tut tut.  x”.  What is with these Brits?  WTF does tut tut even mean?  I’ll take it as tsk tsk and not reply… again, let’s see how long before I get another random message.

Off to get new contracts sorted and sent now that end-of-month is over.   It’s never dull in my world.  However, if anyone can pull it off, it’s me.  Just need a massage, a Red Bull, a jog through the park and my village.  And maybe to spend a little more time at Hooters in NYC.  😉  Ha.  Ha ha.

Circa 1992, the picture that must be retaken!!!

Circa 1992, the picture that must be retaken!!!