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Exactly where I want to be

Posted: February 24, 2015 in Travels

Place de la Bourse… along my jogging route!

Impossible to have predicted yet it should come as no big surprise, I’m rather settled in Bordeaux… for now! I have no anxiety, don’t wish for my life to be more fulfilled (it’s not possible!), or anywhere else than exactly where it is. Actually living in France really is remarkable… like a dream come true. Mon français est encore pauvre, mais je gère très bien. 😃 I don’t care what anyone says… the French are kind, to me anyway. I continue ma étudier à la maison and practice at the nail salon and shops along Cours de L’Intendance. And, occasionally I find a chatty conductor on SCNF 😁 to practice with.

Speaking of SCNF, I was happily aboard the TGV to Toulouse on Friday… a jumpstart to the birthday weekend. Why wait for Illustrious when I can meet him in Toulouse and share a romantic French dinner in the middle of nowhere, southwest of France 😉 before heading back to Aquitaine?! 😍

Thankfully I’ve already figured this whole European train system out. If I’d adhered to the ‘rules’ I would have been sadly stuck in Bordeaux. Of course I was running late, but arrived in just enough time to actually purchase a train ticket in advance. Now that my US rail pass has expired… I must purchase like a normal European person. I was told the TGV was full! What’s the deal!? A winter rush on weekend travel to beautiful La Ville Rose?! 😳 Unwilling to sacrifice another moment apart from mon amour, I boarded the train anyway, and headed to la voiture de la boisson! 🍷 Safely on my way as the train headed southeast… I found a kind conductor, charmed by my attempt à français and bought a ticket. Il avait pas de problème! Love the French! 🇫🇷

I was quite excited for the weekend! After an unexpectedly perfect dinner in Samazan, and the discovery of Pessac-Leognan 🍷 we explored the chateaux of my favourite wine St. Estephe, and Medoc. 😍 What more could I ask for!? I’m exactly where I want to be. Despite the frustrating Envizage payments held hostage in the New York PO Box. It’s the one glitch! I suppose living abroad invites ‘challenge’ from time to time. 😣 Challenges that are easily erased by a charming French chateau, a romantic drive through the vineyards to the Atlantic Ocean, and a warm indoor swimming pool all to ourselves. ❤️ My ad libitum What’s App serenades from birthday #41 will be forever cherished… they are (all seven of them) the best gift ever. 😚

After discovering the contentment of absolute certain love, a Mexican birthday feast à la France, and the secret to a perfect crepe: I look forward to settling even more into my incredible life between Bordeaux and Toulouse. My people keep asking when I will return to New York… and that’s a tough one to answer! I have a moving-party in Dubai to help with, followed by a conference in Portugal. And we must figure out where is best to see Dominique À and Cats on Trees in concert. Life is tough, but ridiculously sweet avec a willing cohort. 😎 It’s a bit crazy to remember last year and realize what a difference one year makes. Now I ‘MAKE A WISH’ je ne suis pas un imbécile, and have to rely on the karma I’ve created in that whatever happens from here… is the best path forward for me. 😬

Merci beaucoup for the overwhelming messages for my 41st… I miss and love my people! 😘


❤ Our love is easy…