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I realize that there aren’t a lot of Royal sympathizers out there. Please, bear with me. I wholeheartedly believe that whilst you cannot strip the poor or disadvantaged population of their basic human dignity, you most certainly cannot demand a higher standard for the privileged. This is one of my first counter-arguments to my years-old mantra of “I will treat any janitor with as much respect as any CEO”.

Are the Windsors’ super-priviledged: absolutely. Is Meghan Markle a California-bred actress and badass of humanitarian issues: absolutely. Does the British monarchy have flaws? I imagine so. Have Harry and Meghan caused a “riff” within the monarchy? It appears that way!

But for fuck sake, I cannot help myself but want to jump up and down, clapping my hands and shouting their praises. Can you imagine how HARD that had to have been!!? I think I do. Certainly not at a level of royalty or anything particularly special to anyone other than myself. But that’s worth a thing or two, I’ve come to learn in my 47-years. ☺️

I feel can I identify with them in the following ways: 1) falling in love with a man from another country, 2) leaving behind a successful entity of my own making, for love, and 3) having to learn how to integrate into a culture with VERY close family members that you don’t quite “get” easily. None of this is easy. At least Meghan didn’t have to learn the difference between tu and vous. 😉

To be fair, and admittedly project my own feelings: I totally believed inside myself, when I met Vincent, I thought I’d just bring that successful following and business over here to France! Voila. Just charm the pants off of everyone, as I’ve managed to do all over the world before, and continue that Envizage momentum all while having the french man of my dreams right next to me!!! Easy peasy 🥴 Boy, do I know that vulnerability, and I feel her pain when I see any photo of Meghan Markle. Thank gosh for amazing STRONG and loving husbands is what I say! 😇

Clearly this is an opinion which need not spark further hate, like people these days are so willing to spew. But I commend both Harry and Meghan for having enough self-respect to take control of their own lives. Not everyone’s path is that of future King William and Kate, or my own sister Lynn and her husband Doug. I’ve learned that what used to be immature envy was probably always just being proud or impressed, maybe laced with wanting the same “love” for myself one day. William and Kate = Lynn and Doug: 🍏 to 🍎, right? 😁

Some people find real-love quick: I know plenty of you lovelies out there. Sis included. 😉 Some of us can’t be reigned in to the circumstances we find ourselves in. It’s ALL happenstance, there’s no one to blame. I have an aunt and uncle who probably formed my youthful ideal of what a marriage should be. I have a sister who found her soulmate young and makes it STILL work. Can’t forget those nephews that totally forged their owns paths in this life and fucking OWN it today. 🥰

I read the book “Finding Freedom”, just after it came out last year. It hit home. What if I hadn’t ever called my mom and grandma desperate that day in 2010 explaining that I NEEDED to live in New York? I HAD to. And perhaps, much like the Queen of England did, my mom and gram made it happen for me. They saved me, in a sense. Now I’m certainly not famous and I don’t warrant public opinion for my choices… but give poor Harry and Meghan a break. When I was born at 29 years-old 😉 I learned how important it is to ask for help if you need it. Meghan’s sister-in-law shun should hurt no less than a step-child saying you aren’t their family. They are human and I for one am a huge fan of both their strength.

The desperation of feeling trapped in a life that you don’t like, feel comfortable in or lack integrity for: is awful. Wealth surely makes it easier (or harder eh 🤷🏼‍♀️) but it really sucks no matter which end of the celebrity spectrum you lay. I am proud of the courage I’ve had, thankful for the posse who support me and always a champion for anyone who sticks up for their true selves. 🤩

It brings me actual joy to see the photos of little Archie on Butterly Beach in my home town. And to think that child will have a chance at as amazing of an upbringing that almost all of us remember. I only hope they’ve had the fish tacos at SB Shellfish Co, FFS 🌮🤤