Did I bite off more than I can chew?

Posted: August 31, 2013 in When in NYC

Is it already Saturday?  I suppose working around the clock, literally, without break (except for champagne of course!) or fail causes its share of confusion.  Or do you think it’s the champagne that causes confusion?!  Gasp!!!  No, def not the champagne.  It’s the clients.  I’ll blame the clients.

What a full on few weeks it has been.  I think I hit mental capacity.  This libertine lifestyle is the most amazing thing to witness but it’s a bit tough being the creator, writer, marketer, editor, contracts, PR, admin and executor.  Hey why don’t we throw a bunch of travel, sites, industry shows, a wedding and potential NYC carriage horse protest in there for fun!?  I can’t help but think, too, about how many people, in all different capacities I’ve had to touch in such a short period of time. My life truly has turned ‘global’.  For me!!!  I realize to some of my bestest friends and savvy bankers this pace is all old hat, and I thrive on it too.  I am off fucking about in Dubai, rebranding my company, in Vegas ‘puttin’ on the ritz’, with Ashlee in NYC and am just now trying to chill myself down until the next wave of crazy surfaces… um, that would be next week.  Who do I think I am!?  Unlike the VP, I do not think I am Zeus, nor Poseidon!  At least I ran five miles today.  Sigh… I ran 4.92 miles okay, not a FULL five.  😉

I’m disappointed to have the first moment whatsoever to tune back into the world, after weeks, and turn on BBC filled with news of America on the verge of another attack.  I am very excited to be heading out of the US next week, and soak up the insight from a whole different part of the world while America jams its congress bullshit down the throat of the people who don’t have the luxury to know what an outside insight even is.  I digress.

A client call interrupts my train of thought.  Phew!  The tele goes off and music takes over.  Foster The People !!!

I feel reluctant to complain, as I am merely towing the fine line between being a whinger and a braggadocio.  When I started 2013 off, I simply had a conversation about a new logo, and booked myself a trip to China.  Honest!  But as the year goes by, every spare day on the calendar populates with more events, over and back and around all different time zones… waaahhhhh… this is hard!!!  Okay, so maybe I am a bit of a whiner.   😉  I will be home for three days from China, before my girl from Santa Barbara comes to stay.  Well Ashlee just left 🙂 but my high school girl will be in the UES.  And we know the name of that tune.  Lots of late, fun nights at JG Melon.  Beware of the ‘Mind Bender’.  The city will be alive and vibrant after Labor Day, all my clients will be back in full force and hopefully America will not be involved in a war with Syria.  I’m sure clients will be in the city that week, wanting to meet my little bundle of Virgo positivity for drinks.  I’m not clear on the details of exactly how I talked my way onto the next gig, but I think it was my trying to put some positivity of my own onto the previously pointless side-trip to Frankfurt in March.  The gig will be amazing, Rocco Forte and CEO dinner at the Museum where I had lunch… perfection.  Prior to that, I have China followed by a houseguest in NYC.  Straight from those events, without break I now have to pack for the following: London, Frankfurt, London, Santa Barbara for the gay wedding of the century, to Riviera Nayarit south of Cancun for a FULL on 4-day conference that I fought to get myself invited to.  When will I run and spin!?  I can’t breathe without it anymore.  Plus I’ve got just 15 days at home to explore the new flirt with the cute Tall Jew, before Ashlee is back!  We’re on another event, and then fly home together for a pop over in San Fran just for Kelly, then down south for Grandma’s 95th!  Mind you, I’ve still got to sort out my pitches with the rebrand, web, legal, social media, banking, etc.  It’s so full on.  This schedule rivals last year’s NYC event, Cannes, Amsterdam, London, Amsterdam, Berkeley for a wedding before getting back home.  That one was 15 or 16 days away and if you remember, ended with yet another duck-taped Tumi.  This next one is only 13 days and will be in phenom weather I am sure.  Touch wood!  🙂  If anyone can bolster my insecurity, it will be Tina.  But if our night out in Vegas a couple weeks ago is a prevision of any kind, I envizage us having quite the good time.  We must re-enact the infamous photo!

I can no longer imagine life without Ashlee, she worked her tail off for us in Vegas, New York, Santa Barbara, LA, you name it!  I gave her two days off next week.  :/  sniffle… sniffle.  My life is my crazy and has been for some time now.  But I often think (when I have time to actually think) back to what it was like to be introduced to my kind of crazy.  Oh my gosh: travel, time zones, parties, meetings, schmoozing, politics, image, social fucking media and oh, let’s not forget THE business!  The decision to hire Ashlee for London last December, was one of the best things I’ve ever done.  And even the bumpkin gets cred for planting the seed in my head to hire her permanently.  Or as permanently as I can  😦  sniffle… sniffle.  And WTF the bumpkin just text me: “no happy birthday.  tut tut.  x”.  What is with these Brits?  WTF does tut tut even mean?  I’ll take it as tsk tsk and not reply… again, let’s see how long before I get another random message.

Off to get new contracts sorted and sent now that end-of-month is over.   It’s never dull in my world.  However, if anyone can pull it off, it’s me.  Just need a massage, a Red Bull, a jog through the park and my village.  And maybe to spend a little more time at Hooters in NYC.  😉  Ha.  Ha ha.

Circa 1992, the picture that must be retaken!!!

Circa 1992, the picture that must be retaken!!!

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