From my cozy in NYC to yours

Posted: December 27, 2013 in When in NYC
I love my cozy upper east side 70s

I love my cozy upper east side 70s

No unpacked suitcase on the living room floor.  No stacked up brochures, magazines and promotional items all over the place.  Gloria just came and the house is so clean!!!  In preparation for my friend’s arrival, I threw a bunch of shit out, yet somehow that damn EXPLORE book still sits on the coffee table!  I can envision it now: me with an ink pen, silently jotting down (WTF do people jot?) on the blank serene glossy page with quotes like ‘Blessed are the curious for they shall have adventures’.  Thanks Lovelle Drachman.  You too.  😉   It moves on to the wisdom of Zachary Scott, ‘as you grow older you’ll learn to find that the only things you regret are the things you didn’t do’.  Hmmm.  As I grow older there so many things I do already, in fact I wish I did less of, that maybe I regret now. 😉  Then we’ve got good old Ralph Waldo ‘don’t be too timid and squeamish about your actions….,’ clearly this book is not for me, and he’s a bit weird anyway. 😁  But I’ll be interested in hearing how it’s going for Tina, after her late-night Amazon purchase of EXPLORE from chez Liz a couple days ago. 😘  So funny… and for the record, I have no regrets!  I don’t think…

I’ve spent ‘christmas’ in my cozy NYC space and am so happy.

Coming home from the crazy of Cannes and the cosiest ever Rütihof trip, I was somehow expecting chill time… until I am meant to go get me some new year auntie pampering.  I don’t know why I thought this as my calendar was completely full.  Then Monday, the day after I got off the plane and had my chocolate fun with the upper east side family: I had nothing but client events, days and nights, all leading up to when Tina arrived!  Which was about one hour before I (figuratively) was hit by a bus that was being struck by lightening as it hit me. 😳  But there is no time to sweep off the leaves or to check the blood pressure in my world!  Drinks with a client in one hour and a shower was a must at that point!  😉

How do you like that melodramatic visual!!?  😄  At least I’m getting it out of my system by way of public written nonsense.  It’s better than new year eve in-person nonsense.  😘  Translation is that I had some unexpected news from a close friend that is neither good nor bad, with no time to process. I chose to internalize it and was doing the best I can the last couple weeks.

Rather than ponder how weird it was that a bus being struck by lightening could possibly hit ME, at random, I am back to exercise, cooking in with my swiss ingredients and bizarrely entertaining nights out with Moët on ice just for me, and meeting actual rock stars… who call the next day!  Just another day on the upper east side.  I actually got so mentally cleansed that I signed paperwork, wrote new contracts and am doing five new fabulous trips for people I thought had maybe moved on.  Giving my Four Seasons penthouse cohorts some really lucrative business!  And sending ‘folks’ (not my parents!) 😄 to my beloved Park Hyatt in Zürich.

Days like the last two, after the crazy piles on top of the crazy piles on freaking top of that, it makes me realize that the integrity I carry ultimately brings good back to me.  In so many intertwined ways that I honestly can’t even pinpoint. After chaos and reflection I always come out feeling proud of myself… in the ultimate sense.

All of these trips I do, this lifestyle that seems so extravagant… it does matter.  The money I spend and how I choose to embrace my life, for right now, is amazing and it does somehow all come together when envizage is suddenly ‘selling’ again, to clients that were just otherwise distracted.  And selling well, based on all the experiences and travel (and crazy that has ensued as a result) in 20-m’er f’er-13.

Oh yeah and just because it’s now funny to me at least: as I was being hit by the lightening bus on second avenue… the VP randomly text me about my birthday. What the hell.

Where’s that damn EXPLORE book.  Let’s close out with a good one, let’s embrace 2014 with a positive attitude and winning state of mind!

Henry Miller: ‘All growth is a leap in the dark, a spontaneous unpremeditated act without the benefit of experience.’

I quite like that actually.  But what the F am I supposed to write on that blank page in this book?  “I like you”?  “xoxo”?  “Awww that’s a good one Henry!” with a smiley face?  😆  Tina?

I’m so happy to be laughing, looking forward to jammies with my aunties… and planning for Milan with the most hilarious ‘band of gypsies’ to date.  Oh yes, please listen to Peter Shaw… he’s really quite talented.

Happy holidays!  xxx

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