Based in Manhattan, Liz Costello is the President of Envizage Travel l Events l Concierge. Her childhood dreams of being the next Diane Sawyer, coupled with her passion for journalistic-style writing, have been invigorated with her frequent jet-setting. As the extraordinarily busy President of worldwide travel-related boutique firm, Liz often ‘writes home’ bringing her experiences to life through the places she visits, the characters she meets along the way and with her very own hilarious and ironic perspective. When it comes to her personal life, Liz has almost no filter, is not afraid to voice issues as they truly are, from her acumen… yet is deeply sensitive with genuine integrity.

Envizage provides Liz with the platform and heaps of opportunity to collect new experiences, through her increasingly busy and global travel schedule.  Life is never dull.  Never shy of witty, hilarious observations and provocative encounters which are so entertaining to follow.  The world just continues getting smaller and smaller!

Envizage Travel l Events l Concierge is an integral travel solution for financial firms, catering to the particularly demanding requirements of the executive traveler. Liz has over 19 years experience managing complex business travel, detail-oriented client events, high-end luxury vacation travel and financial roadshows. A few things make her stand out above the rest: change is not a bother, she has in-house financial industry experience, and she is extraordinarily creative in achieving travel and event results. She is continually on the road visiting her clients’ most traveled cities and nurturing clients and industry relationships. Liz worked hands-on as a travel consultant for nearly ten years. She moved on to marketing for government defense, worked at a global investment bank, then tackled the budget conscious world of television production. Now Liz combines all her expertise into one unique service-oriented travel solution, worldwide. Liz works well with people; she really listens to her clients, and always keeps it effective but fun. Liz is originally from Santa Barbara and visits California frequently, keeping the bi-coastal concept alive.

On July 29th, 2013 Liz Costello unveiled a full rebrand of her successful and growing business. Envizage took over as the new name and identity of the former LMC Direct Executive Travel & Events, established March 5th, 2009. Envizage is the same operation, the same people and the same unparalleled service clients have grown to expect. The development of this new brand is strong and better suits the exemplary standard already established by LMC Direct.


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