I’m drippy… not stroppy!

Posted: April 30, 2014 in When in NYC

Out with the old!!!

I’ve just left east 74th street. 😢 Well… it’s been a couple hours now, and I have to go back for movers tomorrow… but it’s my first night in on my ‘leap in the dark’. I truly believe this venture, albeit a bit scary, will deliver me a safe landing, ultimately. In my new temporary NYC base: my lucky pennies are out, my voodoo goddess has her far nicer Park Avenue view and Kauaian wood bed (with hand-selected silk lining), and the Thai elephant is facing the door.

It’s been a bit full on with the business, packing up my entire flat without much help (AJ- hush it!) and having just donated 70% of my closet… well, I actually am elated. It’s still a bit emotional though! That little flat, freezing cold- having survived the crazy upstairs slob prick brothers, the sex-crazed current tenant and the ‘boy who lives beneath me’… well it’s the end of an era! 😳

It’s been raining today and just 39 degrees in NYC. After packing up my three Tumi (with ample Tumi packing insert cubes for professional efficiency), as I walked outside to hail taxi with one box filled with those sacred OCD-Liz treasures… I looked inside the window of JG Melon and saw Tom, and I couldn’t hold back the tears. Yes- as I hailed taxi. Although who am I kidding… the tears have been desultory since December 19th… especially after an amazing catch-up on my last sleeping night at east 74th. I am so amazingly fortunate to have the type of incredible thoughtful friends that I do. I’ve been granted access to ‘The Palace’ in my neighbourhood, as a home base while I sort out my mind and grow my business even more. Wow. Grateful is a massive understatement… I’m overwhelmed! 😘

While sulking in a chair at The Palace, tearing up and feeling *overwhelmed* with the scariness versus excitement of where my ‘leap in the dark’ will lead me… the VP, of all people, rang me to check in. 😊 What a truly incredible year it’s been… we’ve got pool-day/fun-day planned soon and how random.com is that!? I love it though. Thank you my dear VP friend… see you ‘half the world away’ soon enough. x

One of my several smug brit friends teasingly referred to me as stroppy the other day. And sure… maybe I have my share of stroppy-like quirks (for that smug brit a time or two, in particular) but right now I am more drippy than stroppy. I’ve been internally conflicted and took control of my life back… turned my anxious paralysation toward my future into a positive. Yet, now I’m a bit ‘drippy’. 😕

I know the choices I’ve made are articulate, calculated and my intuition is the supremest of the supreme! Deep down… this adventure will be un-fucking-believable. It really will be.

My phenomenal home base is all set, though out of respect I will limit my intrusions (a week here and there at a time) and my first month and a half of travel chaos has been officially scheduled and upgraded. Around the world- literally. 🌍 More fucking power to me!!! I believe it takes a grand amount of brevity to take the leap I’ve just taken but I have the expertise of AJ, full support of my lightening bus/soul mate, the incredible family and friends of random.com’ers all over this fabulous planet to keep me grounded. I’m proud, I’m anxious and I’m so excited… but it’s nothing a xanax can’t fix. And on a night like tonight, alone in the Palace to find my own peace with all I’ve just accomplished, perhaps one and-a-half xanax and a glass of St. Estephe 🍷 will help get me through… getting through is the only way out!

I had the most amazing ‘last Sunday’ in the ‘hood. I touched nearly EVERYONE… and had the most amazing night with my beloved Armenian friends. Truly a proper celebration of the leap that lies ahead. Even the intriguing Army Stud stayed to indulge! 😃

Here’s to being 40! I have zero age issues but just think it is so fucking cool. Many people dream of or watch movies about the journey I’m about to embark on… but I am DOING it. And I did it all by myself… physically. 🔮 What’s meant to be, will be. x

My favourite inspirational excerpt still stands true, and oh how I love you Bob Dylan: “It wasn’t money or love I was looking for. I had a heightened sense of awareness, was set in my ways, impractical and a visionary to boot. My mind was strong like a trap and I didn’t need any guarantee of validity.” 💞

I truly cannot wait! Today is the first day of something delectable and fresh… and a bit of the unknown. x and a special ooo to my AJ, who deserves 3,000 o’s.

Farewell Angelina… ‘the sky’s changing colour’.


… in with the new!

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