Henry Miller said nothing about wind advisories

Posted: May 6, 2014 in Travels

The SoCal desert oasis by night

Who knew back in December when I quoted that stupid EXPLORE book… that I’d have taken Henry Miller so seriously! Jeez, I took: ‘all growth is a leap in the dark, a spontaneous unpremeditated act without the benefit of experience.’ to a whole other level! ✈️ Well, not really… it’s not so scary once you break it all down.

To be honest, I am self-aware enough to know when I need something. I’m not ever quite bright enough to get to the right answer myself… but always straggle my way to it. Like these dogs I’m meant to babysit this week. They get all antsy and wallop about like two hours before they need to eat something. Well… in dog years, that is probably equivalent to my human walloping when I realise I need to change something as well 🐶 Ha! Good journey thus far- I’m comparing my life to that of a dog’s. It’s kind of true though! 😳

My first well-wish was hilariously described as: an ‘unshackled indenture of tenancy with lease obligations’, and, ‘being a vagrant of no fixed abode’… followed by an ‘I think you’ll like it!’ I have the best friends that any person could ever wish for… 😍 Similar messages have been flowing in the last couple days since I physically left NYC. Don’t worry guys… I’m not done with NYC yet!!! Concocting and fantasising about my new space or neighbourhood is kind of fun too. 😊 Plus I’ve already got the absolute best real estate agent thinking about and discussing future potentials… she totally gets me. Meanwhile, Will Ferrell will continue to take good care of our fake child, and I look forward to surprising JG and Bistro on my NYC pop-ins. 😉. White-box chocolates for everyone! 🎉

Now that all of the flotsam has been either completely disposed of, donated, or properly organised… I must admit to feeling a bit ‘through’ a significant chunk of change. Figuratively, not monetarily. It’s sort of like: ‘okay the dogs have been fed now’. I have my new Italian cycling shoes, a meticulously calculated suitcase for this 4-week journey, and a smart focused marketing plan. Like I incessantly demand from my clients, I too must provide a ‘trip purpose’. This particular trip’s purpose is to be sporty and productive. The next trip will be primped whilst marketing. Eh, who cares. Henry said to take a fucking leap and I subconsciously chose to take note! 👀 😄 Didn’t expect to be leaping into crazy wind gusts though! Running against it today made me realise I belong in New York, as it is definitely easier to run in the snow than it is in 40 mph gusts!

My antsy wallop probably began in December. Then after the birthday, Bonnie from the Tumi store called me personally, to notify that my wine-coloured Tegra-Lite had arrived… and something just clicked. Poof 💨 here I am in the most serene and peaceful environment one could ever hope for! There is a desert oasis in my own backyard. 👸 I have chosen the most gemütlich prologue to my vagrancy: with my aunties. 💕 Yes AJ, I noticed our Le Meurice rubber ducky 🐥 in ‘my’ bathroom. I think we’ve all gone emoticon-crazy.

It feels incredible to be in such positive space, with a keen focus on fine-tuning the loose ends of the rebrand and a refresh of the business that I built five years ago. It just feels right to be free, to be wandering, to remain responsible, to be aware, and… to be ‘leaping’. My first stop is highly inspirational and the most nurturing emotional base a girl could ever dream of having. Thank you. Love you and hope my Cinco de Mayo 🎉🇮🇹🍹(how is there no emoticon for burrito, FFS?) was a worthwhile treat.

Sending love and good chi to my adventurous nephew who just arrived Thailand. I’d love to fantasise that perhaps he has a little courage and influence from his auntie, like I do mine. 😘 That kind of successive knowledge at his young age, is going to thrill me to watch. So much that I will visit him next month! Tickets booked, upgrade secured, and Four Seasons all set! This mile-whore is not wasting her 2014 privileges! Plus, I cannot think of any way to be more supportive and excited for this young man’s journey. Enjoy the ever-enchanting wai. See you soon.

And on that note, Sawasdee ka. x and ooo


And the oasis by day! o

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