Living la vida loca… or wait, la buena vida! June 6th, 2012

Posted: August 7, 2013 in Past Trips
Unbeatable beach, hotel, service, cuisine and pure luxury at the Ritz

Unbeatable beach, hotel, service, cuisine and pure luxury at the Ritz


Help me, i’m turning into a cliche… and quoting Ricky Martin.  Maybe it’s the tequila…


Seriously though (and currently sober, for now)… I have been under-rating and underestimating Cancun ALL these years!  I’ve always headed south to what is now referred to as Riviera Maya.  I was in ‘Riviera Maya’ a couple years ago and the beaches had browner, dirtier sand.


This beach, albeit a bit windy with some serious waves and undertow, is gorgeous!  White grainy sand that doesn’t burn your toes even though it’s 87 degrees.  Love that.  And the water is THE perfect temp as well.  The red flags are up but I’ve confirmed it’s only due to the rough seas and there are no scary creatures lying beneath its surface ready to pull me under with it’s tentacles.


On my immortal quest to keep up the tan, I was recently in Nevis.  I’ll be frank.  The food sucked.  And was expensive.  But who would have realized how much this New Yorker misses that Mexican food!  I guess you can’t take the SoCal out of the girl completely.  The food here at the Ritz is amazing!  Just had quesadilla con camerones and they rival, if not blow doors on that of my beloved Beachside in Goleta, ‘The Good Land’.


It’s kind of perfect here.  Only seldom does a beach vendor go by and it’s beautiful with the white sand and what are those guys in the background of this photo doing… wind surfing?  They’re good!  It’s been fun and funny how much I remember Spanish from my various Mexican excursions.  However I do find myself always ending things with s’il vous plait instead of por favor.  Or saying oui instead of si.  “Y habla espanol un paquito, en englais… s’il vous plait”.  Nice.  But also very Liz-like.  🙂


I just learned I had my best month, in terms of revenue, in May.  It’s so rewarding and fabulous to realize I’ve been doing this over three years.  Equally amazing and prevalent on my mind most recently, is how beneficial ALL my past trips have been.  Most of you know me well… and I think it’s safe to say, I have a tendency to act on impulse.  Every one of those trips has in one way or another revealed some, if not many, benefits for my business.  The requests I get keep rolling in, from further away and all hours of the night.  And mostly, I have some sort of experience enough to answer straight away.  Wherever or whatever it may be.  It’s a weird feeling to feel like you can speak to almost anywhere.  Very cool.


That’s why I suppose I feel entitled to move my office out of my apartment from time to time and enjoy this crazy, but good life I’ve built.  Even though I work all day into the night and spend ridiculous amounts on roaming charges…


This is MY version of ‘The Way’.


The Way is a movie with Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez that was recently released on DVD (yes… Jacs… tears well up just TYPING that… so weird).  I loved it.  And my dear friend actually tweeted a Liz “pay-it-forward” moment with Emilio himself, with regard to the movie.  Highly recommend.  Be sure the Kleenex are nearby.  I have no doubt the movie will affect (god or is it effect!?) each of you in some way.


See, I am a cliche: “you don’t choose your life, you live it”.


Time for a quick dip in the ocean, a tequilla and I suppose I must read at least one of the seventeen email that came in as I typed this.  So cool: a guy just walked by selling cigars and I quickly (and honestly) said “no gracias, no fumar…” amazing what this mind retains!


Watching the paragliding sailors - or whatever they call themselves!

Watching the paragliding sailors – or whatever they call themselves!


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