Greetings from gorgeous Florida . Apr 14th, 2011

Posted: August 6, 2013 in Past Trips
The Breakers in West Palm Beach

The Breakers in West Palm Beach

After Israel, I was home for three days, just enough time to lay my new Israeli carpet (thank you interior decorator!), and was off again to a disappointing San Fran.  I KNOW most of you love it there, but it’s always just a big reminder why I don’t live there.  My highlight was Matt and Lily.  🙂

I returned home for two days and my largest client is attending a conference at the truly incredible Breakers in West Palm Beach, FL.  So I totally crashed the party!  😉  Which, as it seems things always tend to, turned into a huge marketing opportunity for me.

I have to say this hotel is insane.  Not ‘so’ full of old people (or octopus!).  But I have clients from NY that request this property often and in fact, have 4 rooms (@$910 a night each) booked here next week for clients.  See, so this is totally a work trip!  As I lie poolside wondering what to switch to from champagne (and apparently eating the same exact snack as my lovely but wounded firstborn niece).  And yes… you know me well… that would be a move on to the goose!  😉

Yesterday, after a super delayed flight from NY and then a fun little alcohol induced drive up from Miami the night before, I got up early, got sauced early and I got brave.  You all must know that I have a bit of a fear of the ocean.  But it is just too good to be true here.  Until someone this morning informed me of sharks in the past!  Anyway, I just swam and swam and swam, for like two hours!  It was so fun!!!  I went from one buoy to the next and around and around, luckily with someone nearby at all times, who was ready to save me should I panic because a piece of seaweed touch my leg.  I now understand one of, well two of, my besties’ (an aussie chick and an SB local) pure fascination and love for the ocean.

As often as I am on the road and as many 11:00pm nights I take work calls… I realized I have not relaxed by a beach or pool since I was in Cabo with my girlies.  Over two years ago!  Funny to think we were making up my business name on that trip… and clearly it’s as creative as tequila gets!  Haha.  I will be hitting you up soon enough for Punta de Mita, ladies!  My client wants me to stay in his 4-bedroom house ON the beach yet in town with chef and maid service, for free, because we are trying to market it for him!  Anyway, I digressed.

My friends are all golfing now, so I’m bored and I’m scared of the sharks (now) but really want to go in the ocean again!  I guess I could be doing my reports or researching for next month’s newsletter… but I filed my taxes today, so I am feeling productive enough!

I leave tomorrow, back to NYC where I hear there is nothing but rain on the weather menu!  Oh, and I watched The Fighter last night… it was good but the site of Marky Mark will forever instill the phrase “Nicole 4 eva” etched on his chest, in my brain and aside from Christian Bale, I don’t get that it’s Oscar-worthy.  Unlike my beloved Black Swan.  Which, I’ve only seen four times now and my dear uncle does the best impression of when she’s going to go psycho!  Hey, did you know that you can buy the soundtrack on iTunes for $9.99!  Perhaps it will get busted out at S.A.S.H.H.D… (hint hint).

Oh wait… what is this I hear?  “grey goose and soda with lemon, ma’am”.  Ciao!

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