New York State of Mind . June 28th, 2012

Posted: August 7, 2013 in Past Trips
In my beloved Central Park

In my beloved Central Park


I think I said before, “I’m becoming a cliche”.  Typically I write from places other than my home.  But today I am loving New York City, my home.


Not sure if you can tell what the picture is of.  It’s the pathway inside Central Park, coming in on the backside of the famous fountain on 72nd.  I’m currently three blocks from home, and today, as it often does, it struck me how awesome it is.


In the gorgeous 81 degree weather, I worked all morning, answered as many email (still doing good on that front now even!) as I could, put on the lululemon (one mist fit in a little on the upper east) and walked past Lexington Ave, got a red bull, walked past a friend’s house, then Madison Avenue and all the fancy upper east side shoppers, got into the park, ran three miles… and just decided to chill… to actually BE one of those people on the benches.  I see them sitting every day I run by.  I think most of them are tourists.  They have maps of the park.  Whereas I no longer need one.  🙂  But I remember when I did!


I’m watching the caricature guy.  He’s bored.  I think I’m going to scoot over and say hi.  Ask him how business is today.  As I write, I look down at the fountain, a married couple are having their photo shoot.  Or who knows, maybe it’s for a magazine.  People are boating outside the Boathouse.  People are taking pictures.  People are pushing strollers.


So how many are tourists?  How many are artists?  How many are unemployed?  How many are wives of wealthy bankers?  How many run their own small business.  Like the caricature guy or the guys pulling the pedi-bikes.  Interesting to think which category I fall into.  🙂  Although I’m about ready to piss someone off, because a couple just came and sat next to me, speaking a foreign language, started totally macking and then lit up a cig!  You can’t smoke inside the park anymore!!!  Love that I finally got to that place with cigs!  🙂  It’s funny (not in the comical sense) to watch what people take pictures of, or want their picture taken with.  Like the ducks just across from me.


Anyway, it’s just amazing to live where I live, take care of myself as well as I do, and travel to fabulous places.  Then on an otherwise mundane Thursday, ditch my apartment and work for a ‘lunch break’ jog through Central Park.  New Yorker for life!  Even if I am a dual-meaning DS.  Ha.


Now something just f’ing bit me, on my wrist right next to my heart tattoo… while I got a work call I had to take, for a whole new project.  Shock: he wants to know today.  But I’m sending him to the Ritz Cancun, so I know I can’t go wrong!


And I just got a ‘hi’ text from my Turkish friend (not allowed to comment, Jacs!).  While sitting on Helen Faith Keane Reichert of 1901’s bench.  These benches aren’t really that comfortable when you sit here as long as it took me to write this.  My ass hurts.  Time to move.  And go back to work, break is over!


Oh, and of you’ve read this far… that one Bob Dylan song I was telling a couple girlfriends about  🙂  probably isn’t fitting.  But this is the only instance in which you will EVER hear me say that.  I can edit it though.  Do a Liz-remix of it?  Come on… isn’t that all Adele does anyway!?


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