Shalom! March 27th, 2011

Posted: August 6, 2013 in Past Trips

Headed toward Jaffa along Tel Aviv beach


So… I’m here in Tel Aviv, having lunch at what is said to be the city’s ‘finest’ restaurant.  So far, so good!  After lunch (and champagne) I’m headed up to Jaffa.  I thought I was headed there this morning, but you know me and directional challenges… (some of you better than others!) and I went the wrong way.  It was when I passed a power supply plant and local airport that I realized maybe it was not south I was headed.  Oh well.  Then I found the wine store.  So all’s well that ends well.


The flight was good!  I actually slept (thank you xanax) for like 4 or 5 hours, but I was tired so I stayed in with shabbat room service last night.  It was fabulous though, I slept hard and was up and bright-eyed at 7:00am!  So my little jaunt north this morning was early enough for me to be passing Rafael (notable Tel Aviv restaurant at the Dan Hotel) just in prime time for lunch!  Afterward I will self-site the Dan and then head up the beachfront to Jaffa.


It’s beautiful here, on the beach.  City is not so architecturally appealing, but the beaches are WOW.  Everyone speaks English and are super kind about it.  There is this fabulous little walkway all along the north port to Jaffa.  People are out and it’s quite pretty, really warm (although the new local friends tell me Israelis do not believe it is warm unless it is 30 degrees celsius!) and I could easily be out on the beach at the Mediterranean Sea in my cosi.  Instead I opt for fish and chips (huh?) at this fancy restaurant and will soon manage my way down to Jaffa.


The streets of Tel Aviv, described by several as their "Fifth Avenue"

The streets of Tel Aviv, described by several as their “Fifth Avenue”


I don’t see what the fuss is about, in terms of anyone being ‘nervous’ or talking a lot about terrorism or the multiple crisis going on nearby.  I feel ridiculously safe.  I did notice that they play a different CNN (different programming) than we do, and you don’t hear much (if anything) on the ‘Arab Spring Uprising’.  Also interesting is the Fox News.  Gack.  Seems English SkyNews and French News 24 are the only ones reporting on mideast chaos and US naval launch of tomahawks, repeatedly.  We’ll see how it is in Jerusalem tomorrow.  But if it’s any comfort, my new wine store friend, Oded, told me, “eh, you’ll be safe no problem with your blonde hair”, if I go to Bethlehem.


Anyway, love to all… just wanted to ‘check-in’.  And who’s better than me, the bartender just topped off my Sancerre and brought me a little chocolate…


The picture below is the view from my balcony… xoxo


View of Tel Aviv Harbour

View of Tel Aviv Harbour



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