Watching the pelicans on Pinney’s Beach . May 11th, 2012

Posted: August 6, 2013 in Past Trips
My favorite brown pelican

My favorite brown pelican


I remember, vaguely, doing a book report of some sort, in grammar school, about the gregarious pelican.  I’m in Nevis now, a small island in the West Indies, nearby St. Kitts.  I’ve been stuffed inside working the last two days, so given today is Friday, and generally not as busy (touch wood!), I decided to get to the beach early and see how long I can make it last.


I’ve been mesmerized for hours, watching these pelicans, one in particular, perched on the rock bank straight ahead of me.  What a cool character.  Scanning the ocean around him, then swiftly gliding just above the surface of the ocean… then the hunt from high up above.  He covers quite the wide range and then the dramatic vertical plumage to go in for his kill.  It’s rather interesting to watch, and oddly, somewhat peaceful.


The wildlife on this island, or at least here at the Four Seasons is remarkable.  Yesterday as I wrote the newsletter from my terrace, an orangutan was cruising around the grass and jumping in the trees just ahead of me.  A Great White Egret was frolicking in the fauna.


The Caribbean is gorgeous.  Crystal clear and warm.  The sand here is a bit dark, so there is not quite the illumination of Cayman.  But swimming in it is crystal clear, especially with the current, buoyancy and views of the seabirds.  Will spend as much time in the ocean (yes, me!) over the next two days, as a close friend and client reminded me yesterday:


“Go swim.  You’re fortunate enough to be in the Caribbean.  Most people will never have that opportunity.  Your clients won’t miss you if you disappear for just 45 mins.  You can’t ignore these opportunities – they may not come back again.”


True that!  And thanks for the overlooked perspective.  I had a productive week already plus penned an exclusive with Four Seasons Nevis for LMC Direct clients.  So I will enjoy the cold minty towel and cucumber infused water that Orun keeps bringing around while he hums.  In between swims.  And now isolated regressions back to my villa to book the trips that are building up.


Sunset on Nevis

Sunset on Nevis


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