Manhattan to Santa Barbara… that’s how I roll . April 23rd, 2013

Posted: August 9, 2013 in Past Trips
Thinking seat 9A is the better way to go

Thinking seat 9A is the better way to go

I love the concept of a good surprise.  Though I’ve never really been patient enough to pull off a true up-to-the-moment surprise.  After over three years since my last hometown swing, pre-NYC, I think two days notice on a random Tuesday falls fairly close to ‘surprise’.

However, today is no random Tuesday.  April 23rd… it’s the anniversary of my official departure from Babcock & Brown.  Six years ago today.  This may cause some to sigh with elation in the memory as to how traumatic those days were.  I sure as hell do.

Keeping true to form, I decided to make this anniversary as spectacular as the circumstances it brought to my life are.  I am headed to Santa Barbara, then San Francisco… a bit of an impulsive fly-by.  Which clearly was meant to be as so many elements, and by that I mean business class upgrades, just fell into place.  As Lexi once told me after an impromptu piggy back ride to gym class in the tenth grade: “Everything good happens on a Tuesday!”.  I have a very exciting week lined up.

I’m so used to flying in and out of San Fran, I forgot I was on an LAX flight and started to notice a few old school b-list actors on my flight.  I am so terrible with names, this one guy in the seat just ahead of me to the right would be recognizable, like he was the cook on Facts of Life, or something like that.  Possibly The Love Boat.  Night Court?  His wife is pretty hot for her age, been asleep since the flight took off.  I’m looking forward to my time in the LAX lounge this afternoon before boarding my SBA flight.  I will be primed and well located to stalk out my next new client!  My marketing sense is beginning to return, now that I have this refreshing and incredible renewed sense of freedom, first time since the soon-to-be former LMC Direct’s inception!  I gave an analogy to the Dreamy VP earlier this morning when he called to wish me a good trip, which is hilarious, but might be a bit racy for this audience.  He laughed, so ‘tout va bien’.  Just think of me, actually showered, kleenex boxes at home (Howard Hughes reference) and in the club lounge, working away on her important travel endeavors.  Client bait.  🙂

I’ve said it a bazillion times and I’ve never been as sincere and serious about it as I am now: I have the two most amazing nephews that any human being has possibly ever had.  I would go on that game show in a heart beat: “How Does Your Nephew Match Up”.  And I’d be taking home the prize.  I envision the Cabin Log sty guy from “There’s Something About Mary” as the host.  This spontaneous trip of mine has taken on a sudden unexpected meaning, but I genuinely hope Santa Maria is on my menu for this week.  Though I’m respectful and understand if it doesn’t work for everyone.  Timing.  It’s really an interesting ‘friend’ of mine.  I’ve been known to refer to it as more of a ‘tricky f’er’, but I recognize its significance and work toward taking nothing for granted lately.

For the first time in a long while, I am incredibly excited to visit home.  Dinner at the Rose, lunch at Beachside, non-Palio pork chops…then 75 degree San Fran.  It will be a week full of culinary bliss and grand memories.  And spinning!

Watch out Santa Barbara, I’m about to sprinkle fairy dust over as much of you as I possibly can.  😉  I’m in a ‘dreamy’ state of mind.  An Empire State of Mind.  My surprise SB week was cut short but please trust I’m doing the best I can juggling the priorities, business and absolute musts.  I’d do more if I had the time and flexibility.  San Fran seems like it presently needs no fairy dusting, but I’m going to pop my head in just in case.  I’ll sprinkle birthday dust instead.  Damn, I forgot my red heart wand…

Wait… Charleston Heston is dead, right?  That can’t be him up in seat 8D!!?  Hmmm.

I’m feeling like a little Moulin action might be necessary.  Attencion, mi familia. xxx

o and a special o and ooo to my AJ.  Where’s my gun-to-crowned-head painting!!? 🙂

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