The greatest thing you’ll ever learn… March 24th, 2013

Posted: August 9, 2013 in Past Trips
Come what may...

Come what may…

That was a quick flight!  Back upon NYC reality I descend!  Unless I decide to go out tonight.  Why let a little 9 hour flight stop me!!?  I’ve just gained five hours and have had only five vodkas.  Doesn’t that somehow make me even?  Without even taking into account the hollow left leg!  After the week I’ve had, I deserve it.  And, it’s Sunday.  Ivo works Sundays again!!!  Awesome.  So, to bide the time and distract my disappointed mental state, on the plane, I watched a few old favorites: Closer (swooned over my Damien Rice music), then Black Swan and finished it off with Moulin Rouge.  What a marathon!  And funny how two of my chosen movies end with the chick dying at the end!  I had a laugh remembering something I’d forgotten actually, that the ending of Moulin really happened to me, at Outback Steakhouse in Goleta, which is a Santa Barbara suburb. “Thank you for curing me of my ridiculous obssession with love”, throwing money at my feet, or in my case, on the table where I sat with three close friends.  Oh my gosh, wasn’t that like a grazillion years ago!?  All I remember is being so grateful to Andy, for cracking up because it was all $1 bills.  🙂  Seriously though, who HAS that kind of crazy happen to them in real life!  It was so long ago… I had completely forgotten, to be honest.  Hilarious.  Now.

On to today.  Frankfurt impressed me actually.  The Dreamy VP had to cancel due to work but I’m glad I ended up going anyway.  Granted there is absolutely no reason to ever go, or ever go back, but I did have amazing meals, fab service, cute waiters and one of the best massages in a while.  Rocco Forte is the man… his hotels are perfection.  I did get to witness a fur protest and collected a couple new pieces of jewelry!  And the Eiserner Steg was so charming with all its ‘love padlocks’.  It was truly cold to the bone, which I think NY is meant to be the same.  And, out of maturity (let’s call it), I declined a sincere, random and so kind, invitation to hang out in Dubai for the week.  At Jetsetter’s house, on the beach, with a pool, and her live-in maid.  Yes, despite my attempts at ‘house-cleaner’, that’s what they all refer to them as there!  Never know where the days are going to lead me anymore!  However, I chose the path of conservatism (shocker!) and came home instead of being a waif!  Although no big surprise here, I definitely packed enough.  Shame that new lingerie from the new upper east boutique never made it out of the tissue paper.  Eat your heart out, VP.  😉

It’s been an incredible roller coaster ride the last TWELVE days.  (it feels like months, eh?)  This week sort of put me back into a truly uncomfortable territory, but with my ‘Liz-now’ caution and awareness.  Yet what happens!?  I landed just now, to over-the-top email, voice mail and texts… sigh!!!  At least I know that through the tender loving care of my core people, I can kept my shit together.  At least outwardly.  You know who you are and I love you like crazy.  I’m stealing this but it’s so true: IT DOES TAKE A VILLAGE!!!  This week has been a massive patience test, of which I have none, and a lesson that I can’t yet finger-point as to what it is exactly.

Anyway, I hope as I literally come down out of the sky, I get a little more figuratively grounded as well.  It’s been years (like 7) since I’ve been ‘spinny’ over a guy.  Yes, o AJ… ooo YEARS!  And thanks in advance for my new painting-in-the-works!  ooo  🙂

Disclaimer: bits of this were written at different stages of my day/night.  My attempt at grounding will be interesting!  Que sera sera.  Repeat after me, “que sera sera”.

Absolutely hilarious text, AJ knows exactly how to pull me out of my crazy!

AJ knows exactly how to pull me out of my crazy! Hilarious.

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