Love you, miss you, mean it – Austin . Aug 26th, 2012

Posted: August 7, 2013 in Past Trips
View of Four Seasons from where the taco trucks are!

View of Four Seasons from where the taco trucks are!


On a long connecting flight after a long weekend of essentially NOTHING.  I won’t harp on my pitiful loneliness this weekend… too much.  😉  Love you AJ, really… love you.  Mean it.


I’ve been in Austin, Texas since Thursday.  I’m very ready to come home.  On the plane now, though no Little House on the Prairie to bitch about.


Austin is hot!  I managed to get some poolside action, ut just a little.  I am so over the Dallas-day-trippers and their stupid Louis Vuitton bags and pouty attitudes.  Do Texans think they just know everything, or do they think their accents are so overbearing that no one else will challenge it?  Hmmm, I wonder.


The food was good in Austin, and the prices were great!  I found a wine shop yesterday which sells my Domaine Ott Rose for $18, instead of my local $31 on the upper east side.  I ran a lot.  Exercised a lot.  Worked a lot.  Sounds like a fabulous weekend, eh?  Suppose it’s all good given my upcoming visitor and travel schedule.  I have tomorrow to myself, literally.  Between Tuesday and September 30th, I will have two pals in town, four loves (one staying with me), a trip to SF and a two week trip through South America.  Crazy.


I lost the little ear cushion thing to my left earplug… it’s scratchy and now there’s almost no music coming out of it!  Stupid.  😦


I was at the beautiful-ish (for Texas) Four Seasons for the weekend, picture attached.  It was okay.  Food was fabulous, spa treatments just ‘okay’.  I think part of me will forever be in search of an equivalent experience to the hammam (Turkish Bath). The Texans are SO prudish!  At least the ones at Four Seasons Austin!  Push the towel down a little, for f sake!!!  Seriously, she moved the towel down to MAYBE my collar bone.  That doesn’t quite do it for my 190 minutes of supposed ‘Texan Bliss’.  I’m becoming quite the opposite of modest.  A little curious about what Brazilian, Chilean and Argentinean spa treatments will be like!!!


Anyway, I’m actually starting to look forward to my crazy schedule.  A beloved client has begun aggressively using my meeting planning services, and paying me well (I think well, but really… it’s ‘at all or ‘fair’) for it.  I like the diversity in my day-to-day.  Plus, I’ve got really fun visitors coming my way!  Then SF, if nothing more but to spend a little time with my bestie (and perhaps an impromptu Kelly-visit)… then it’s off to Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Santiago and Rio I go!  Reading “Born In Blood and Fire – A Concise History of Latin America”, in preparation.  Do not want to be dumbfounded by ordinary questions like I have been in other countries recently.  SoCal education truly rocks!  😉  Plus I’m trying to do a lesson a day (or two, or three) of French in prep for Cannes!


I have the weirdest flying experiences.  Anyone I know well can attest.  I’ve met some of my best clients and friends right here at 36,000 feet.  I’m flying coach (boo!) and last time I did, had a bizarro time with this exuberant first class flight attendant making me incognito vodkas.  I’m in coach now, bulkhead aisle seat, and have just been given a free red wine.  I swear I do NOT even ask for this stuff!  I must have a face that screams ‘feed me booze’.  Haha.


Love ‘ya’ll’.  So happy to be out of Texas!  Does anyone listen to Flight of Concords or Lonely Island?  “bitch acted like she never seen a $10 before… it’s all about the Hamiltons, baby.”  Love that.  It’s no diapered lemon, but close.  🙂


Hope Hurricane Isaac is not harmful to anyone.  Eh, and if it puts a wrench in the republican convention then so be it!  Sometimes being thrown a wrench, and managing through, is a good thing in the long run.  xoxo


I hope my nieces and nephews know how much I love them and how often think of them.


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