Continent #4, Até aqui tudo bem . Sep 16th, 2012

Posted: August 7, 2013 in Past Trips
I can only imagine the amount favelas out there

I can only imagine the amount favelas out there

Welcome to South America, Ms. Costello. Sao Paulo, Brazil to be exact.

The more international carriers I fly, the more I come to despise America. Oh wait, I mean US airlines, which is merely one of my American gripes. TAM Airlines exceeded all expectations from beginning to end, and I’d fly it in a heartbeat over United. My clients get so wimpy, usually wanting to stick with their comfort zone (because it sure as hell isn’t more comfortable in the literal sense) and US carriers. Guess that’s what I’m here for! Boarding, food, service, comfortability (one of old Raytheon days words) and communication. Totally legit.

Customs in Sao Paulo, granted its 7:00am on a Sunday, was a breeze. Taxi process, seamless and swift. Traffic não há problema. I couldn’t have planned this better myself! 😉 Although that reminds me I don’t think I timed the rest of my flights at such traffic-convenient times.

Not a lot of English happening so I’m not clear how long this taxi ride will be. Each direction I look, there are loads of tall buildings, but so far nothing NY-like, which is what I’ve been told to expect. I wonder if I’ll have the a-ha! moment, like when coming across the Triborough Bridge.

Phil Collins is on the radio.

I’m quite excited to be here, coming off a trip, a long stream of two sets of NY visitors, and then another quick trip, then a hilarious night with ‘my person’… I feel surprisingly great! I got to sleep in yesterday, pack at leisure, do the necessary salon primping, had just one grey goose (shocker it was NOT a double), then ate chicken salad with blue cheese (yum!) on the plane with a glass of red wine, popped a xanax, and night-night for Lizzie! Slept a full six hours.

This trip will introduce me to three countries and four major cities, all of which I suspect will be fabulous and unique – although I am currently going through some back roads through a bit nicer than a ‘City of God’ slum, oh and apparently a night club that’s still going! Hmm, I will NOT be jogging through this part of town later!

I’m bored with this update, more factual than quirky, funny Liz.

Obrigado Marydis, I couldn’t have got it all done with you, and thanks Boo, for making it way more fun. Love to all. (and yes gram, I will be safe, I promise!)

PS: I think I’m close to my hotel and am not v impressed!

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