I’m Happy With Grande Liz #5

Posted: November 4, 2013 in Travels
Paprika Pringles <3

Paprika Pringles ❤

It was my first gluten-free day in 3 days… until my Uncle Bill pulled out the garlic bread and AR sent me to ‘the border’.  But my sweet aunties really know how to baby me – Kiehl’s, a hand-painted Greek heart, and Paprika Pringles!  x and ooo.

It is always so cozy and fun when I get to spend real time with my aunties, uncles and cousins.  It’s hard for me to find ‘real’ time anymore and I can’t think of any place better to be when I do.  I even got my very own inanimate object ‘fifth’ (wheel) shot glass, and a sock monkey.  I love my family. Thank so many of you, for helping me help make sure grandma had a ?5th to be proud of!  We all stepped up and made her day lovely but I couldn’t do it without you making me dinners & tini’s, pushing me to go running (so I don’t drive you crazy), picking my sorry ass up and driving me around.  What do people do without people like that in their life!?  Especially my namesake (Venti though, not Grande) for bringing me a club soda as I sat feeling nauseous on the bathroom floor of the birthday venue, completely out of nowhere, and making me laugh.  I ponder what it would it be like if I couldn’t be real (and not judged) around the people I love!?  Oh wait.  I was that person before I was born at age 29.  😉  Good thing I also have short-term memory loss.  Ha ha.  Just teasing.  Really.

I am finally home sweet home and the weather has turned.  Hello winter.  I’m kind of excited and secretly like it.  I think it makes me feel bad ass.  🙂  You’ll all get to be bad ass too, in New York in February.  So exciting!  Ashlee, Mrs Jetsetter, and I nailed all the details of that little soiree last week!  I’m banning myself from talking about it though.  And yes, I did just hear the multiple sighs of relief and AJ’s “Ha!”, all the way in NYC.  It’s nice to be home, though that only lasts until Thanksgiving – for more work, work, work!!!  It’s never dull.  Even today I was met with an unexpected, albeit quick, visit from a friend.  I must like this type of lifestyle, as Ashlee points out “it changes every hour”.  It’s never dull.  😉  It is quite cozy though, in my apartment with my red wine and candles – with the uncontrollable heater officially ‘on’ until April.  Loving you up right now NYC.

I was in London two weeks ago, and had an amazing time.  Didn’t have a lot of time for reflection then, as I had to quickly move on straight to a client event with Ashlee in NYC, an unexpected personal issue to manage, and then had to pack it up to go to San Fran for the night to see my Kelly, and meet her most adorable kids.  Really.  x  It was a quickie trip and was happy to have spun before heading down to SoCal for the big 9-5.  If only it were all that easy.  I think it sounds rather logical, if I’m not taking into account that the world, my job and the weather are [literally] uncontrollable.  Literally.  🙂  But I will not bore you with the details, for once, and just leave it to your own imagination with my new bank accounts, canceled flight to Santa Barbara, last minute car service to the Four Seasons in Westlake, the freaking lasagna, swag bag assembly with the extended family and then of course, the actual party.  Thankfully the champagne was flowing along the way.  Heading home yesterday was not devoid of delays and travel chaos, which, managing with a massive hangover (thank you punk-rocker, thank you.  And your ninja turtle!), well… it kind of sucked.  But it was actually a great (long) trip to Santa Barbara.  I got back off the gluten, enjoyed many yummy SB favorites, saw more of my people than expected and had a blast just hanging!  Now how often do I say that!?  It was a good trip.  I’m a happy girl.  Funk zone, Beachside, The Palms, Zytoon (hooka), Something’s Fishy: now that’s what I call a HUGE culinary success!  Could have done without the nachos at Denny’s.  Seriously.  At least they didn’t give me any shit for bringing my funk zone red wine in a paper cup.  Hmmm.  It’s never dull when I am in Santa Barbara either.  Go figure 😉  As I laid around in agony and fog on my mom’s couch yesterday, I realized I had not had one single day to sleep in since late August.  What the hell?  And I’m a sleeper!  So amazing to think of how many people I’ve been so fortunate to see in such a really short time!  London was fabulous, so busy and good, sweet, healthy living.  Mexico was just before that, but that was after Richard’s wedding and before China.  I’m kind of tired.  Jeez now I have to plan for Cannes.  Note to self: “no jacuzzis in Cannes”.

Within my family, I have been deemed (finally… we’ll see if this one sticks) “Grande Liz”.  I’m alright with that.  I ‘get’ the references and am complacent.  I have no issues with my name, my role or my life which is a really nice feeling, I have to admit.  It’s a nice place to be.  The only issues I have is that I still cannot seem to find enough time to replace my shattered iPhone!  The glass is starting to sliver off and give me little paper-cuts so I better make space for a little Apple Store NYC time. It is such a chore and a scene but I am going to take the advice and see about dressing up, batting the eyelashes and negotiate a price for my new 5!  Even though I did not buy the insurance when I bought it like 4 months ago.  Or was it a year, I can’t remember!?  🙂  Just remember to smile.  Ha ha.

Thanks again to my people these last couple weeks (and always).  I love you.  It’s fun.  🙂  Happy ?5th birthday, Grandma!!!  x

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