It’s Always Sunny in Santa Barbara

Posted: September 28, 2013 in Travels


There is definitely something to this whole being in ‘the house you grew up in’… especially with the luxury of having it all to myself! I feel like I’m 15 years old again when I would wish for just one solitude moment in the house. Fast forward 25 years and here I am, having spent most of my adult life living alone, yet still relishing a bit! Nothing against my mother whom I love dearly but I am happy she’s out and about and will see her in a few weeks time. But… there’s just something about ‘your parents’ house. Immediate reaction: look in the fridge. What is the deal with that!? It’s almost like I’m checking to ensure nothing has changed from when I last lived here in my very early twenties. Knudsen’s pink container cottage cheese: check! Thanks momma, for letting me crash, it’s so cozy! I just made eggs but it’s no egg sandwich. ;). It’s of course a perfect day for a jog to Goleta Beach, about 79 degrees, or 26 to the rest of the world. 🙂 Enough time has passed that it does thrill me to be home. Good old Santa Barbara… apparently the neighbour’s house was ‘tee-peed’ last night, I noticed en route to my little pop-over on Oleander Street.

I’m so over-the-top excited to be invited to my best and first boss’ (the first one that counts) wedding today. I realize my life is a bit chaotic in comparison to some, but this was an event I just could not miss. I’d have flown to the moon and back to celebrate Richard and Tony’s nuptials. I’m pretty sure Richard has a relatively significant role in making me who I am… today. What a blissful Santa Barbara day!!! The day is sure to be filled with love and chaos every which way I look. What a fantastic day ahead! So honored to be a participant.

I came home from China, with two days to spare until my girlfriend came to stay with me. Poor thing (well… sort of) had a week long of intro into my crazy, but man oh man did she fit into NYC, like a glove! We had the absolute best time: NYC sites, my friends, burgers, exercise and total contentment! I missed her (yes, me, who loves living alone!) after she left. Fortunately I am in Santa Barbara this weekend and had an amazing intro into her fabulous world last night. Honestly… getting to hang with Jimbo, the father of her kids, was like no time had passed but bless us: in a good way. Their kids are amazing and beautiful and completely embody all the best qualities (and good looks!) of both my high school besties! So fun catching up at good old Rudy’s in G-Town and then with her parents as well. So weird when everyone looks the same (or better) than we did 20 years ago. By the way, I can’t wait to see you next month, Kelly! 😉

Things have been so full on the last few weeks, since I was in China. Hong Kong was like a fairy tale at this point. It was fabulous though, and so bizarre how my network tends to unfold. I think I prefer Shanghai, at the end of the day. I failed to update immediately after that portion of the trip, and have lived several lives since, so we’ll just have to call that one a wash! Or a reprieve from my blatherings. 🙂

Awww yeah… Daft Punk! The queue to get my ass shaking and jog back to mamacita’s to get ready for this amazing Santa Barbara wedding and fabulous old school friends. Standing on the pier at Goleta Beach, I must admit to the nostalgia…

No time for reminiscing though: next week is Rosewood Mayakoba, south of Cancun. Hey, it’s a conference, I don’t choose the locations! ;). Twenty meetings per day, each twenty-minutes long. I love my job.

Happy Birthday to one of my favourite Libras. Hope you and your gorgeous girls are celebrating well. x

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