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Posted: August 11, 2013 in Travels

Welcome to the American desert

What an absolute delight, to have an early, prepared-for and drama-free introduction to Virtuoso Travel Week, in my oh-so-favorite Las Vegas.  😉  En route from New York, the crass and rather hefty passenger-mates ensure that yes indeed, it is Vegas I am headed to.  Quite hard to choke on after watching one of the most amazing international films… ever.  Anton, your mind and taste are truly beautiful and brilliant.  I suppose I should have realized that at the ‘Oppan Gangnam Style’ moment we shared last year. 😉

This week is going to be chalk full of chaos, contacts and who knows what else!  Tonight alone carries with it several fabulous commitments with people I love and communicate with regularly, but don’t get to see so often.  😆  I’m super excited!  Me excited for Vegas, which I know is quite a stretch… but it’s been a full year.  I’m locked and loaded this time around. Watch out Vegas!

Earlier this week I was helping a client get to Beijing, from London… last minute of course.  Sorting through logistics of the new 72-hour chinese transit visa logistics for travel within 24 hours, quite honestly IS my idea of fun.  My life is typically random and last minute… and I just love it so much.  I never know what the next moment is going to uncover.  With this particular Brit client, as is so often the case, we tend to randomly share film recommendations and he has never steered me wrong.  It’s so strange.  I’ve barely spent much time with him in person, but we clearly share the same artistic taste! I’ve even been told he slams a red bull before pitches, just like I do before my daily exercise… I hope it’s at least a sugar free one! His latest recommendation for me, during our Beijing logistics coordination was a French film called ‘Intouchables’.  I downloaded it last night knowing full well United would not have WiFi on my flight.  And oh how I love the French.  Watch the film and you’ll know what my subject line means.  And your heart should dance with levity and laughter. I’m definitely moved. Can’t wait to watch it again without the subtitles!!! The lead character’s relation to music is so familiar to me, recently. Spinning and it’s relation to music has officially change my life, not to mention: the circumference of my thighs.

Last night at home was a bit fun.  Packing carefully, dodging wine invites from the recently resurfaced ‘boy who lives beneath me’, getting the final details on grandma’s 95th nailed, and growing more excited with the various texts from all the Saturday night Vegas arrivals which ensued, from all over the globe.  Plus I’ve got a special bonus from my very own Santa Barbara!  Can’t wait to finally meet E tonight!

In usual Liz-fashion, I’m strumming up a bit of a hurricane… already! But it just comes effortlessly. I love people, especially their differences, and I adore being in such an aware state of mind I gravitate toward those of a similar ilk, yet can still tolerate the others. Will be fun to see Hope! 🙂 I work alone from my apartment… and quite a few of the relationships I’ve focused on this last year make me feel like a whole newly enlightened person. For the girl with enough infectious energy to buzz the room up all night long (until I hit a wall and must be scooted by my armpits), this is quite the statement!

So round two of speed-dating for luxury travel awaits… in one of my least favorite cities in the world.  For those of you with upcoming travel, please know the time spent this week with travel suppliers has proven itself to be ridiculously beneficial for all of you.  Hence, upon the City of Sin I descend once again.  If you’ve got anyone or a place you’re heading to soon, now’s an ideal time to let me know!

If this fat, white haired Sodoku man in seat 1B does not stop hacking and coughing openly, I’m going to scream. Now he’s positioned himself (as he rubs his massive buddha belly) so his phlegm might be directed toward me. Nice. At least he’s not ‘sandel-guy’. There’s nothing I despise more than open toe shoes or flips, on an airplane. And while I’m at it: why do so some men feel like its appropriate to frequently adjust their penises out in the open? Note to men: It does not go unnoticed and is freaking gross. Please stop.

I am feeling in tip-top shape to see the Armani Boy, my beloved SB girl, then polish it off with a one-hour-limit casino sesh with someone I can just be myself with, so easily.  Leave the marketing schtick for tomorrow.  I hope I can collect a little posse!  Don’t worry, if there’s one thing I know, it’s how to make a table fun… or how to move on to one that I can!  My Raytheon BFF’s passionate coaching will never be forgotten.  Besides, it’s all about the intuition.  We either got it or we don’t!


PS: I miss ‘my person’ already and hope your entry to Dakota went well.  Still a little ambivalent but I’ll def see you in Fargo.

PPS: I miss you Jetsetter, and thought I’d sealed the deal on your participation!  See you in December, my lovely.

Oh!!! PPPS: Baby-stepping it to the book and would love for you to follow this on A fabulous designer is twirking it soon but the content is now finally up-to-date.  More excitement for Envizage’s Liz (now say that 5 times fast!).

“Envizage’s Liz, Envizage’s Liz, Envizage… oh fuck it…”.

  1. Mrs. Jetsetter says:

    Safe travels fellow Pisces! I am there in spirit and via what’s app for all the updates – have an absolute blast x


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