The happy ending of an era! June 26th, 2013

Posted: August 9, 2013 in Past Trips
The Painted Ladies, behind AJ and Renea's old house

The Painted Ladies, behind AJ and Renea’s old house

Well, if you’re not counting my move 3,000 miles across the country… which was less the end of era and more the creation of a monster?  Perhaps!

What an incredible San Fran trip this has been!  And we all know that statement does not cross these big ass lips lightly!  I am currently on my way home (or possibly to my friend’s hotel bar), but to NYC nonetheless!  I had an action-packed, dog-spit-and-hair extended weekend.  The timing just worked and I am a big bundle of love and excitement, despite my Prick VP phone call two nights ago.  Thankfully I had my aunties nearby, and apparently a “thank you for flying united, bye bye” voice on.  Dreamy turned Prick.  He’s quite self-absorbed although aren’t we all ‘all about me’ to some degree?  But add egotistical and Pisces (!!!) he is clueless his nickname has been altered, but I don’t even think he’s noticed.  So that’s the name of that tune!

I love the photos below.  We were taking a series.  The ‘sad face’, crying.  The ‘happy we’re all together’ one.  And of course the ‘everybody touch eddie’, which is my personal favorite.  I feel slightly responsible for the fact that at Eddie’s wedding or 40th birthday, we will have an entire ‘everybody touch eddie’ deluxe collector’s item bootleg album of photos: inception date 2009, I am thinking.  Thanks for the reminder AR.  😉   Look at AJ.  She is so O-V-E-R all our sorry asses in her house being the pack-a-holic that she is!  And a damn good one she is!!  Packed up my house in a couple days!!!  Hmmm.  Wait a minute.  :/

Am oh so sad to not be able to combine botox with aunties in the future but am so very excited for their next phase (see you and MY own drawer in October!) and we’ve been fortunate enough to spend some time together prior to their move down to SoCal.  AJ and I were together a LOT after I moved up to SF and got (thankfully) unengaged.  Again, I feint sadness but am over-the-super-moon for those two and to to be honest, ‘I am like gum on your shoe!’  (love that quote).  So I’ll be seeing you.  Somewhere in the Med I think, I’ve got the dates in my calendar, not to worry.

I’m headed back to Dubai next month.  BUT I do have a legitimate excuse to go.  And by legitimate I mean a small window of non-travel time, a new worldwide travel/biz venture, more UA miles and an ‘awesome night out’ being planned by Mrs Jetsetter with her other entire Dubai posse.  Tickets are bought and I am super excited.  The Armani Boy has a brand new hotel he’s putting me up in for two nights, called Vida, I think?  I’ll stay two nights at my Jetsetter’s house on the beach with her pool and a live-in maid.  It’s just the standard of living there, as is the lingo.  I mean, my ‘house-cleaner’ isn’t coming until Thursday!!!  🙂  I’m genuinely excited, and I need this trip, given I am admittedly a little jacked up over the VP.

What a whirlwind life.  I had the best time with my Kelly and finally met her husband, who completely reminds me of someone a lot of us know (or know of, at least).  Was hilarious.  We met for drinks which turned into several, before we headed to their friends’ Colombian house-party in the mission, complete with a bonafide taco truck and salsa band!  What a blast!  Most hilarious and also familiar to some, we bellied up AFTER the taco truck party to probably the only place open in SF at the wee hour of 1:00am… and the bartender wouldn’t serve us.  (hey why didn’t I just offer to kiss him!?  duh)  So we put our tri-marketing hats on and ordered food, so they would serve us.  I feel like meatballs might have been involved.  Red wine and absinthe most certainly was.  What fun though!!!  Thank you, to my new SF peeps, and for not ‘pulling a Francl’ which has no real validity other than it means being flaky SF, but purely for comedic reasons.  Nothing really to do with the real Francl.  But I think it’s funny.

Not sure what the broader point of this email really is other than to update my beloved as I am ‘fast and furious’ to NYC, early enough to meet friends.  And early enough to be well for spin class at 12:15pm tomorrow!  I self-spun whilst in SF this time.  I set up a 3-day pass at AJ’s gym, and with my own music and was able to burn 796 calories one day and 937 yesterday to my own moves!  Amazing.  Who knew the charity I was talked into participating in (rather than merely donating) would change my life… and how my jeans fit.  Seriously.  Forever grateful.

I’ve got a two-pound box of See’s for Ivo and the restaurant on my corner.  Two whole pounds!!!  I can’t wait to bring it to them.  I love my neighborhood.  And for those of you who’ve been a bit concerned, I am back!!!  I was vortexed into a surreal place for a couple months… what can I say.  It happens.  But I’m back with fervor and Envizage is launching soon!!!  (don’t worry Ash, it will be really fun, like excel is!)  So long LMC.  I will forever love the story of me, Kath and Lor on Nikki Beach in Cabo poling passers-by on catchy company names for my unemployed 35th birthday.  With Chelsea freaking Handler’s empty cabanas.  Hilarious.  Who knew then we’d ALL be where we are now.  Sigh…

It’s going to be a busy last seven months leading up to my 40th  🙂  and spare time will be, um… sparse!  That just means there are several funny adventures to report along the way!  I wonder if I could 1) get bob dylan to have dinner with me, and 2) be mistaken on a plane for Claire Danes one more time, and 3) get Pulp to play at my 40th.

Love to all.  x or ooo: you decide!  🙂

Crying Face Family Happy Family Faces!

Everybody Touch Eddie

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