Taking my tinnitus to Dubai . February 3rd, 2013

Posted: August 9, 2013 in Past Trips

Bye-bye East 74th Street, I’m headed to the desert!


Oh life is strange!  A couple weeks ago, if that, I was en route to London for some meetings and to make up for broken promises from December.  As surreal as it was and definitely must have sounded, the day I was leaving, I was randomly invited to Dubai.  I’m a bit tough to keep up with these days, so it seems.


I’ve just boarded my Emirates flight from New York to Dubai.  I’m excited to meet up with my lovely Oz girl and wonder if I might get to finally meet her hubby!  I’ve had my Vueve Cliquot dinner and am now seated in an almost-private suite on the A380 aircraft.  I didn’t even have to leave the lounge to board the plane!  It is really fancy and simply amazing.  I have my own little personal minibar fresh with Voss, 7Up and Perrier, literally just to my left!  I’ve got two televisions.  One bigger screen directly in front and a little iPad mini sized one to the left, lest I decide to turn my pretty little head.  The menu is pages long, as this 13-hour flight serves three meals.  Page one showcases their booze.  Shoot, the vodka is Grey Goose.


Some of you may have recently been victims of my complaints about having hearing problems in my left ear.  Obviously I fly often enough so I suppose it shouldn’t be such a big surprise.  Mainly it was happening while at home, working away, and my left ear would just go into this weird muffled-like zone, kind of like how it feels with the pressure change on a flight… but in like 3 minute-long spurts.  Then everything I hear sounds like I’m listening to the teacher from The Peanuts Cartoons!  I regret to admit that I have officially self-diagnosed myself with tinnitus.  And I know the exact moment it happened, which wasn’t even within 24 hours of a flight!  In London a week or so ago, I walked into a busy restaurant in Chelsea.  I spotted my girlfriend, waved and was fussing with coat-check.  Halfway to our table, my left ear had a little: pop!  No pain, no big sound and oddly no muffley feeling.  Yep, I’ve got the ringing!  It has not let up, for a second, since January 23rd.  Luckily it’s not very loud.


I am possibly more excited for this trip than I have been for one in a long time.  I think Dubai is going to be something unlike anything else I’ve experienced.  We shall see!


Oh and big welcome to LMC’s new employee in a couple weeks!!!  SO excited.  We’ve got the bumpkin to thank for that one!  Just need to work on your palate, girl, so we can go to a non-American cuisine restaurant together!  Speaking of the bumpkin, apparently he’s just booked himself flights to NYC !!? and asked if he could ‘stay at mine’.  WTH?  I’m conflicted with my American close-minded upbringing and trying not to be so uptight about it.  He’s a Brit, that’s all it is – very comfortable being a squatter.  Hope he likes my new couch!  It really is quite cozy!  😀


I have to shut down now, doors are shut, unexpectedly, but I promise more once I land as long as I’m not sold into Arabian slavery!

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