Oppan Gangnam Style! December 14th, 2012

Posted: August 7, 2013 in Past Trips
We learned this trick from the best... and had a *really* big bottle of goose to polish off!

We learned this trick from the best… and had a *really* big bottle of goose to polish off!


I feel as though I’ve used up about seven of my nine lives on just this trip alone, with my tattered Langham Love painted nails.  I’ve just executed one of the most well run, thoroughly enjoyed and over-the-top successful events in my career.  Although upon quick reflection, they are all usually quite good if I do say so myself.  This trip has been flailed by injury and illness, but I persevered nonetheless!  I do feel a bit like Wonder Woman, as some clients refer to me.  Either that or Carrie from Homeland, which is growing a bit tired to hear.  Although an odd little fun-for-the-farm fact I learned today is that the actual ‘Brody’ was in our hotel this week.  I really am not a slutty little stalker!  😉


Am in 2A on KLM, glass of champagne in hand, back at Schiphol, with ‘Oppan Gangnam Style’ eternally seared into my temporal lobe, relishing in the fact that I honestly don’t really have to use my vocal chords for at least another 13 hours.  I’m quite lucky to be here, again, at the Amsterdam airport.  I had an amazing day Wednesday.  It went long and hard from about 7:00am to 2:00am with little room for sustenance, with the exception of Ash and my frenzied chicken club, which ended up mostly on their nice shag carpet.  Clearly, Ashlee and I had our priorities set straight and came to the event well prepared for the weak ass London pours.


We rocked that company party’s world.  And we did it amidst my crazy busy, lack of preparation and full-on massive head-cold.  Things just went our way and Ashlee had a TON to do with that.  A perfect team… which did not go unnoticed.  The guys were teasing me last night when Ash said she was going out with a younger client, at like 1:00am, and I got a little tug on the heart strings. Like, “should I let her” and “make sure you text me when you get home”.  I don’t know how you kid-people do it.


Anyway, as many of you know… I tend to pack heavy.  Which is then even an understatement.  So you can imagine a week in Cannes, weekend in Amsterdam, and a week of event-execution in London had my room in a bit of shambles when I woke up yesterday at 9:03am realizing I had no text!  I rang Siegel Woman Número Tres several times and then went down to help her pack, get her sorted and get the scoop.  Then I sort of had this vertigo experience when I walked into my disaster area of a room.  Where do you even start!!?  Wednesday I drugged and drank myself into fake wellness.  Yesterday… not so much.  But I got ‘er done.  Slowly and surely.  I developed one of the worst head colds and chest coughs EVER on my last day in Amsterdam, deel een, and the cold air and talking have been absolutely brutal.  Painful even!  The Langham hippo and ginger lemon tea in my room was comforting though.  I hope I did well and managed a little time for a small London tour for Ash.  ANYWAY, I got all my crap packed into a now 32kg suitcase, dropped stuff with clients, met with a partner and had my taxi on order at the time I was told.  I look a bit gimpy but I no longer care (until Saturday!).  I was told London City Airport would be FAR more convenient, and it took me about one hour 45 minutes to get there.  Missed my flight.  Called Delta to fix me up and they secured me on their last flight to Amsterdam.  I had to go to AMS in order to utilize the very expensive ticket I bought long before all these other complications came into play.  Seriously, the CityJet people could not help, under any circumstance, unless I paid $3k for the 40 minute flight separate, and possibly lose the biz class 12 hour flight to SF tomorrow in that process.  It was too stressful to even try to relay, but together we all made it happen.  Me: on the phone to Delta, them: checking my 32k bag through to SFO to allow for the weight, and then the amazing tall CityJet man who all but carried me through security and the airport to get me on my flight.  I cannot believe it happened.  But I made it to Schiphol!!!  What an ordeal.  I’m not quite sure what would have happened had that man not taken me under his wing.  I gave him the Harrod’s chocolate I intended to share with the fam at AJ’s wedding, but, at least I WILL be present.  And yes, I’ve just touched wood.  This morning checking in brought more chaos and confusion.  Whoever said tears at an airport doesn’t pay off is mistaken.


I might not be in a body cast, but FFS I made it happen through some serious strife and tribulation!  And even though I’ll arrive SF today in my second day joggers and Sheraton brand shampooed hair, I will BE there.


Good news is the Schiphol shops are so fantastic I bought new panties and socks!


Ashlee Siegel: my clients have already expressed their hope to work with you in the future, and no, not just your last night cohort.  They, and me as well if not more, am so grateful.  YOU nailed it.  You saved me and this would have been absolute shite without you.  Thank you!!!  I wish you had more time to see more of London than Ryman’s and Washstone’s.  You’re on call for next time.  It’s undecided either Shanghai or New York next year.  Your presence has already been requested.


Do you think those MFs even noticed our cut-out logo circles on the tissue paper!!?  Telly did.  😉


Gotta shut down.  Watch out SF here I come.  Oppan Gangnam Style!



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