Flying over the Andes Mountains, c’est bellisima . Sep 27th, 2012

Posted: August 7, 2013 in Past Trips
The Andes Mountains

The Andes Mountains


I have mixed more languages in the last few days than I even knew I know.  Nobody can understand what the hell I’m saying anyway, so I just lead in with “mi espanol es un paquito” and leave it at that.  Then it’s a free-for-all of “s’il vous plait”, “da nada”, “quantos cuesta”, “ciao” and “obrigado”.


On the final stretch now, and I no longer care.  Especially flying over the gorgeous snow capped Andes, back to Brazil.  I’ve been convinced to ‘give Rio a try’ since I’m already right here.  I’ve deduced my mission for this part of the trip to finding hot Brazilian women topless and in thong bikinis to photograph.  Not for me, of course.  The things I do for my clients…


Thanks to my incredible Skype tutor, I can talk on the phone for cheap!  The other night a friend said: “you’re in third world countries”, along with repeated reminders to please be safe.  Third world really is not the case.  Though let’s leave the teetering Brazil out of it for now.  This continent was discovered not long after (I think 1492, with all due respect to the indigenous people) North America, and they have their own thing going on!  In Argentina and Chile especially, the metro system is fabulous, technology seems to be up to par and it’s not, by any stretch of the concept: third world.  Chile is so clean, and big.  Tidy but mellow, if that makes any sense.  People on their mobile phones, in suits, grabbing lunch to go, but not like NYC at 1:00pm in midtown.  Less chaotic.  Argentina was far more Parisian.  Chilean wine, I discovered, is my personal preference.  Again, leaving Brazil out, the food was remarkable in Chile especially, and Argentina.  And I’ve been told I am picky!


So I am now back to the horrifyingly expensive Brazil.  Transfer to my hotel on Copacobana Beach was offered for a mere $215 USD.  I kid you not.  Rio de Janeiro, sigh.  No wonder Nilmar left!  I am more nervous coming into ‘Bail Rio’, especially after shit hole Sao Paulo, than I have been anywhere else, except maybe Dayton, Ohio.  Hopefully I will be pleasantly surprised (rather than actually chopped up into little pieces) and can give a clean bill of passage to those hopeful Olympic spectators.  I can tell you this right now: start saving your bennies (not pennies), because this glorified Mexico is going to break the bank.


I don’t remember if I was as ready to come home after my big Thai trip last year.  I think maybe the business has grown giving me less freedom.  And being on the same time zone is harder.  But thanks to three especially helpful, competent, patient and supportive friends… looks like I’m going to make it through!  I’m severely missing NYC and my Hale & Hearty salad, run in Central Park and egg-spinach wrap.  😦  I’ll heed the advice from What About Bob and baby step it to this weekend when I am HOME!


More importantly, why is LAN, which I’ve discovered is (deservedly) South America’s #1 airline, playing stupid Two and a Half Men with loser Charlie Sheen!!?  He should just marry Lindsay Lohan, NOT procreate, and drug each other to their hearts’ content, outside the eye of the public.  Or, here’s a thought, maybe the American public could stop giving a rat’s ass what either of them do!  (tangent, sorry)  I want to organize a ‘Keep LiBlo Out of Media’ club.


Genuinely, I am grateful for the opportunities I have, and then there’s this side: ‘blow me United’.  All of this is their fault with baiting me to make Platinum this year.  Bravo Liz, alfajores for all!  I’m so relieved to realize my priorities are in good shape.


Happy Birthday, albeit belated, to Handsome DJ Handsome.  🙂

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