Antiguan afternoon tea . March 10th, 2012

Posted: August 6, 2013 in Past Trips



Antigua. Phonetically pronounced: Anteeg-a.  Many of you most likely know I have a tendency to procrastinate when it comes to my end-of-month, the newsletter, and worst of all: packing for a trip.  As much as I love airports, flying and just traveling in general… I am so weird when it comes to packing!  (some of you might remember ‘the beast’ suitcase with clothes and a whole other one with shoes).  Anyway, a friend and I had a flight scheduled to depart from Newark at 9:30am yesterday.  I do not like Newark.  I do not like Penn Station.  I do not like the west side of NY, or New Jersey whatsoever for that matter.  (okay, the Shore WAS nice)


I thought it sounded like a perfect solution for my friend and I traveling together to meet at my house and have Admire take us to Newark, and enjoy our ride: imbibe in a little morning champagne along the way.  You know: the usual.


My business makes me insane, as much as I love it, and YES I need more help, but for those of you clients (whom I cherish and can never say no to): YOU MAKE ME CRAZY!   Or in the words of my beloved brother-in-law, “I love you baby, but god damn”, so I was up Thursday night until 3:00am wrapping up what I could.  I didn’t pack.  I (thought) I set my alarm for 5:00am.  My friend’s text that she was on her way to my house at 7:15am WOKE my stupid ass up.


Now, as close as I’ve cut it, or as much as I push the envelope, I have never missed a flight.  Well… I’m sticking with that story because I feel January 2nd was not within my control, nor did it affect anyone else.  Well, anyone else’s travel (and I secretly liked staying extra in Denver!).


How pathetic: new fabulous girlfriends I’ve never traveled with before and I come off like a hot mess.  They’re kind and forgiving, thankfully.  Ultimately, we left my house at 8:00am yesterday (okay, 8:05am- impressive from 7:15am wake-up no matter how you slice it) and leapfrogged between the upper east side, Jersey, JFK, and Puerto Rico… what-ev… we’re all here now!  And Puerto Rico provided the perennial duty free stop for Vueve, and a new discovery: Belvedere “Intense”.  Travel professional extraordinaire at her best here.  Ha.  Bringing the A-game.


We’re staying at Carlisle Bay.  It’s gorgeous.  Our room overlooks the beach and is upwards of 1200 square feet.  The ocean is oddly a little cool.  Not as warm as Caymans OR Florida last year.  Our Antiguan waiter informed us we should go have Italian tonight at Abracadabra in English Harbour, which turns into Caribbean dance club afterwards.  Perfect.  Perhaps a little Cabo-like action is in my very-near future!  There was a boat out nearby in the bay I kind of wanted to scope out, but it was nothing like ‘The Cowboy’.


Apparently on Sundays, there is an incredible day full of fun that awaits, at some local establishment which is on the highest point of the island, which is said to have THE most incredible views ‘in the world’… along with a Steel Band during the day, followed by other awesomeness afterward.  Our (hotel) waiter has already insisted our first round of drinks at this Shirley Heights, is on him, since he and the locals are also Sunday frequenters.


Anyway, it’s just day one.  I feel like I have work somewhat under control.  Granted I have put-off a new corporate client debrief, debates about which direction is best to travel within France, an Argentinean New Years extravaganza, wedding planning (good god-not mine), and a handful of summer/spring vacations.  BUT, I did work out this morning and researched (from the viewpoint in this picture) for my newsletter already, which yes, it will be late again, and boring as hell.


Ah! Afternoon tea just arrived!

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