Sawatdee kaa from Southern Thailand . Sep 1st, 2011

Posted: August 5, 2013 in Past Trips

044 Palms looking toward Phuket

050 Ritz Reserve, Phulay Bay

It is hard to believe that I am here in Southern Thailand right now.  I escaped Hurricane Irene and am told I was on the last flight out of JFK.  Everything feels and seems quite surreal.  As many of you know, (many of whom I have to thank!), LMC Direct is busier than ever and growing.  It’s awesome to witness but really intense at the same time.  A bit tough to keep up with in Thailand while I am literally on reverse time for the biz.  Such is life.

I can’t believe I made it here though, it was stressful and took forever!  13 hours to Tokyo, then another 7 to Bangkok.  Then when I arrived I had to deal with clients and the hurricane.  I started to question my sanity.  I really did.  Then I got some sleep and wandered out into Bangkok.  In just those four hours or so, I knew I was hooked.  Plus, the room service dim sum at Four Seasons was crazy good.

The best way I can describe this is that it is ‘otherworldly’.  The people and the wai (Thai practice of putting hands together with small bow as a respectful greeting, derived from their Buddhist influence), it’s so welcoming and warm.  The people (except my current butler who I will get to) are an absolute delight!  I really liked what little I saw of Bangkok and look forward to going back there tomorrow!  I will stay in a different part of town, close to the river and hopefully visit their most famous Wat.  And the weekend market.  And maybe if one particular friend could forward the name of his beloved tailor?

Currently, I am feeling a little trapped at the ‘just okay’ Ritz Reserve in Phulay Bay, near Krabi.  The food sucks.  And I’m not drinking as much as I used to (or trying!) so I can’t even drink my caloric intake until I leave.  Might be time to rethink that one as I am on night three here!  It’s a shame too.  They’ve done an incredible job with the resort (except my plunge pool is all dingy), but it’s all spread out and there’s not even a pretty beach.  Next week, I’ll be in Phuket and hope to report better news on that front!  The villa is quite extravagant, with an outdoor area, an outdoor bathtub, a room that is a shower, the plunge pool the ‘100 mirrors’.  But did I mention the food sucks?  And this whole butler thing is irritating.  If my little Judi gets on her knees one more time and tells me she’s worried for my health because I work too much, i might lose it.  And no, I don’t want to go on the tour to the stupid little island and have a picnic, especially with this crap you’re trying to pass off as ‘cuisine’.  And no, I don’t need you to pick me up and drive me to the gym.  And no, don’t pick me up in the morning and take me to breakfast.  I want you to leave me the F alone is what I want!   😡   I know, it’s their culture (although this is special: she, being Judi, has write-ups on her annoyance on Trip Advisor)… all I need next is for her to start asking me “how does that make you feel right now”.   😉  But I’m just really busy with work and need to keep up and see this place as a client would.  Which, most likely, none of mine ever will.  Must admit, it’s better for me to find out the hard way than to take a gamble and send one of my discerning clients here.  Remember the episode of Sex and The City, where Samantha dates a guy with a Thai housekeeper?  And she goes mental when it’s just Samantha in his house?  They should have assigned me that butler.

Sorry, I needed to vent.  I’ve been pent up here with my work and end of month reports for too long.  But the end of these days for me is near!  Very exciting news is the reuniting of two hard-working former yearbook editors, who’ve agreed to collaborate once again for the sake and sanity of LMC Direct.  I couldn’t be happier about that.

So back to Bangkok tomorrow, then up to Chiang Mai which I am REALLY looking forward to!  The Mandarin Oriental and with it being labor day perhaps work will CHILL out (except no, BH had to schedule DD meetings!) long enough for me to visit the tigers and elephants.  Because we all know how well I do with animals- especially large ones.  At least I can snap a pic or two from a distance.

I have learned to use the camera finally!  Just WAIT till you see my pictures!!!  I promise no slide show though (or uncomfortable look-over-the-shoulder screen saver show).

I have to go write an intro now for my newest and 9th client, who executed my LOA last night, and who I think are going to be perfect for LMC Direct.  Another productive work trip!

Karma works itself in magical ways.

We’ll just see if I have ‘sex sheets’ at my house when I get home!  I’m so totally kidding Tapper… I’m actually SO happy you’re holding down the fort!  Have a blast, enjoy the upper east side.  (laundry detergent is under the sink!)

Love to all.  xx

037 Ritz Phulay Bay trees

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