Back to new in Singapore! Sep 9th, 2011

Posted: August 5, 2013 in Past Trips
Yep.  Here's Singapore!  Boring...

Yep. Here’s Singapore! Boring…

Actually, I think I was back to new as soon as I got the hell out of Chiang Mai.  It (clearly) didn’t agree with me.  I don’t get that place.

I really enjoyed my time in Phuket though!  The resort I was at was literally 15 minutes from the airport and in an area still considered rural, not near Patong Beach, which is where the party happens.  But it’s just SO beautiful.  The property, Trisara, has very detail nailed.  And after this many nights and moves, you notice these things!  Such as, they had a lemon wrapped in plastic in the minibar.  They had some comp minibar items and plenty of choices otherwise (so you didn’t have to call out to an annoying Judi-like type butler).  iPod dock, instant connect to WiFi, CLEAN and beautiful plunge pool.  Everything was nicer than you’d install at your own house.  Or at least, just as nice.   🙂


The food was awesome and I had to do my newsletter, which is basically what happened as pictured below, the last two days.  But I did actually go out to Chengarenelay (or something like that) which was awesome, fabulous restaurant could very well have been in NYC, called The Supper Club, which has many connotations for me actually!  Remember when all I wanted for my 32nd birthday was to do something fun NOT in Moraga (East Bay SF) and FT didn’t want to deal with the bridge?  Instead I got pants.  SO funny!  (or not so funny given that I needed pants because I was so miserable I couldn’t fit into 0s).  Come on Aunt Jeanne, give me some lovin’ on the FT- you know what it means baby!  Kind of like ‘show her the stairs!!!’.  Awww now that makes me nostalgic  😦

Whoops I digressed.  Anyway, Phuket was fab but work is exploding so I am running on about 3 hours sleep and meant to meet up with new client’s male-love-fest pal (kind of like the Justin Dwyer of his crowd).  He’s stuck at work, but has been advised to take me to Raffles for an original Singapore Sling.  I have no clue what to expect, aside from hearing last time my client and he were together, they were racing one of his many ferrari and masserati down the clean Singapore streets in the middle of the night, trashed, looking for cigars which are banned in Singapore!

So I’m currently at the Ritz Club Lounge, where the Moet is flowing (impressive) and I’m overlooking a weird harbor with lots of funky shaped buildings.  The lights go dim and bright in this room for a pause like every five minutes.  Does someone have OCD or is there an electrical problem?  I swear this guy behind me is going to hurl though.  So I’m not staring but I can hear like a blind person.  He has gotten up like every four or five minutes and then there are slurping sounds and silverware clinking.  When I have ‘stretched’ to look back, he’s never at the table but his wine is full.  So he’s up every five minutes but every 2 minutes or so, he’ll make this god awful moan like he’s just dry heaved.  Then a minute goes by, I make an excuse to look, he’s not there, then moments later the slurping resumes.  Weird.  Dude, just stop eating!  I know it’s free and you want to maximize your Ritz investment.  But there is Moet over there!!!  Instead of that gut rot Chard you’re drinking.

It is now time for me to make my way over to Raffles.  Will be interesting to see how I pull through on my upcoming (Sep 11th) 6:00am departure back to NYC.  6:00am.  I had no other options!  Let’s see: free business class ticket at 6:00am, or not.  Duh.

Hope our Tapper is doing well on the UES.  Can’t wait to see my neighborhood crew who will give me all the dirt on his last two weeks!  😀  Hope you’ve enjoyed Tapper Boy, glad it worked out!

The plunge pool at Trisara, in Phuket.  Just gorgeous...

The plunge pool at Trisara, in Phuket. Just gorgeous…

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